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  1. oh so we're now cheering over marketing? k. this hype train just got a few more carts.
  2. i don't get it. did mlg say they're going to pick up TMCC?
  3. natsu


    reported cuz spam :frank::moa:
  4. and here i was hoping it'd be an rts like halo wars
  5. By shakey I meant ce being based on the pc version. 60fps is silky smooth.
  6. no stopping this hype train because no one is driving it and all attempts to derail have thus far failed. but the track is a bit shakey
  7. on lan leading because latency won't have a noticeable effect on how much you need to lead because the latency is so low. online play how ever i have to side with hitscan because latency causes bullet travel to be highly inconsistent and cause a tone of bloodshots.
  8. looks cool but i don't have a modded xbox
  9. with it a month away? its highly unlikely that they will still be using place holders at this stage, they should have all the assets sorted out by now and just fixing the last bugs before it goes gold.
  10. 50secs in "ball thrown". hope we can disable it otherwise it's going to make oddball a broken gametype.
  11. it's better to be sceptical then blindly optimistic.
  12. to be fair, most of H2A is out sourced to 3rd party companies while 343i focus on h5. we don't really know what 343i are up to until we see the h5 beta. the company working on H2A maps is certain affinity which also happens to have a deep history of focusing on aesthetics over gameplay and trying to make maps as accessible as possible. it's only when 343i made maps in house did we actually get something that was fun and balanced.
  13. accessibility. have to dumb things down to allow those casual players to compete.
  14. was using forge because forge means to create. not the forge tool. because we don't know what maps are going to be in halo 5 we can't say what our map pool is because we don't know what maps will be available so i used the word forge to symbolize the creation of something new.
  15. forge forge forge forge forge forge no more remakes please.
  16. first halo was reach, first competitive was halo 4. am i bad kid?
  17. ignorance always prevails. never challenge a persons ignorance because they will just bite you in the ass.
  18. thoughts from doju who had a brief game at euro gamer. http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2hg7m9/i_got_to_play_mcc_today_at_euro_gamer/
  19. these physics have to be the biggest thing that is missing from halo in recent years.
  20. when the outcome is skill based i wouldn't worry about it. if they couldn't win before they're not going to suddenly win the next time around.
  21. this describes every ultra-epic halo map. i take it you just don't like halo?
  22. i bet all the kiddies will gladly vote for halo 4 because better graphics and sprint.
  23. am i the only one who was disappointed to see it wasn't another BTB map?
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