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  1. Pretty much. This is exactly what Nintendo did with Metroid AM2R. Everybody was so pissed that Nintendo trashed a fan made project. But a couple months later when Metroid the Return of Samus was announced it all made sense.
  2. "As we look ahead, we’re very excited about the prospects of an official classic Halo experience making its way to PC" Pretty much guarantees MCC on PC at some point. Once MCC on xbone is updated to the point we are happy they'll port it over to PC.
  3. Lol I would love for 343 to increase the FOV to 90 or 100. That way all the people who love sprint but have no idea what they're talking about will get the feeling they're moving just as fast as sprint. When in reality nothing changes besides the view. Honestly it is a good idea to trade sprint for higher FOV. Casuals will be happy with their fast paced halo (even though speed isn't effected) and the competitive players get to enjoy halo with high FOV and no sprint. Lmao! Fuggin casuals.
  4. I know we already discussed equipment in this thread like a 50 pages back or so but I truly believe that there is a place for equipment in Halo contrary to what most people think on this site. For the most part they have to have better implementation and be placed in contested areas like any power weapon or power up.
  5. well if 343 does another shitty port to the PC then the tournaments will be on console.
  6. I think you would have more opportunities to use the bubble shield offensively if it rolled. You could probs use it as a way to push long hall on The Pit to protect you and your team from sniper tower. then the bubble shield would also ramp down into needles or needles pit and further protect you into maulers depending on how you deployed it.
  7. I feel like people have been saying this sine Reach. But they end up buying the next halo game anyways
  8. Aside from the extremely low player count, it is a lot fun. I personally love playing halo with MKB over a gamepad and being able to increase the FOV to something like 95 is SOOOO nice. I'd say like 75% of the time you can always at least find an MLG FFA lobby thats up. I'm always in that lobby.
  9. Just gotta look out for team fiesta and infection. Those game types will get voted for every so often unfortunately :/
  10. I don't really understand why since Halo is on the PC it all of a sudden sucks. Like it's still the same Halo 2 with the low aim skillgap and inferior sandbox design that everyone on this forum praises. In fact, you can argue that the experience is even better on PC with features like being able to increase the FOV and having the choice between MKB or a gamepad. Yeah there are better arena shooter options but there has always been better options since Halo has been on console. You can pretty much have the same console experience from 2004 by plugging in a gamepad, lowering the FOV to 75, and reducing the resolution to 360p lol.
  11. 90% percent of the servers for Halo Online has sprint disable. There's also always a good number of servers that have either BR or DMR starts too. And There's always at least one MLG server open which is a fuck ton of fun. Just saying that it's very possible to find a Halo 3 experience on Halo Online. Fun fact: DMR starts in Halo 3 is a fuck ton of fun.
  12. My bad for that fucked up quote. I'm usually never on this site with my phone. But i was just gonna say that I hope 343 is gonna fix the aim for h5 on PC. Because the aim single handily is what turned down a fuck ton of PC players from playing H5. Literally everyone complained it was god awefull. However, the damage is done and first impressions are everything so even if 343 fixes the aim it really won't bring anyone back. Seriously though, 343 is terrible with good first impressions.
  13. I know. I'm just fed up with 343 and their halo games. I've given up on future Halo titles. I don't trust 343 to make a good halo game. And these modded Halo games have been a great way for me to get my Halo fix. Yeah these modded games aren't 100% perfect but they still beat the hell out of Halo 5 for me at least. I kinda have a bias though because unlike 99.999% of the people on this forum, I grew up playing Halo CE on the PC. Still Play that Halo CE PC to this day. I have always preferred Halo on PC vs console. I would love to see Halo on the PC to grow. Maybe that'll happen with a PROPER H3 anniversary port.
  14. Yeah the audio bugs are my biggest gripe with Halo Online. It is a little annoying. But I have gotten past it. That's why i suggest getting some friends to play with just so you can focus on having fun with friends instead of you wanting to rip your headphones apart. Apparently there is also a mod in which it fixes the audio bugs.
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