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  1. I use pistol 90% of the time, if an AR user killed me it's because he got the drop on me or I missed. Pistol is the vastly superior utility weapon.
  2. We have always been sheep. H2 was xbox live. H3 as well (to a lesser degree). Those games were dog dick compared to H1. But the herd still flocked to H2/3 (myself included). There are just more choices now a days.
  3. agreed, I'm very impressed with the weapon balance in this game so far.
  4. I had a scuf for the 360. This controller took some great ideas from scuf and improved upon them. I highly recommend this controller. It's not necessary but it's very nice.
  5. it does come with a high quality braided cable
  6. um....maybe you didn't hear but we got action sack
  7. CE is deep and has a high skill ceiling, but ranks work, you'll get good matches and have a chance to develop as a player naturally.
  8. no, he's gold. It's happened 3 times now. Twice to me and once to the opposite team. No rhyme or reason. I also had a crazy glitch where no one voted and the second map loaded with little to no textures. It was an all white map
  9. always 2 profiles. Guests can't search the playlist. However, as long as 1 player is Gold the other can be silver.
  10. what! Dude, I've been playing split almost exclusively. This did happened 1 time and I was furious, but that was only once out of well over 100 games I'd say. TBH, I just started playing about a week after ranks came out and I've had a good experience overall.
  11. some people have a BIG issue with vibe and blow it way out of proportion,but to each there own. I personally like vibe because I like to "feel my shots" and when I don't have it my timing in strafing and shooting gets wonky.
  12. I prefer strictly win/loss myself because imo it's the only stat that matters
  13. I second this for the most part, I'll play H5 fa sho
  14. Got a few games in last night, the fact that was even possible is a GREAT sign. The game actually played really well too. I'm pretty pumped about the CE playlist and will try to play more often now that it's out
  15. well, a lot of people obviously wanna play CE in matchmaking cause I straight up ignore voting half the time and it usually gets voted anyway. That said, it shouldn't be a guessing game.
  16. Good post man, I appreciate the positivity. I look forward to H5 beta and fixing MCC/H1 playlist.
  17. we were sposed to have dedis, just another spoonful of BS I suppose.
  18. Again, eff that, why should I have to predict I'm being lied to? We're the consumers and have every right to bitch. Moral of the story, get over it and STFU
  19. eff that man, I bought an X1 to play Halo CE on Xbox live because that's what I was told I could do if I bought all this shit. I don't want an X1 otherwise.
  20. I played a 1 on 5 in CE yesterday, lol, managed over 20 kills.
  21. It depends, but the gist is if your opponent moves right then so should your reticule, further away, further lead. A factor most people don't consider however is how to compensate for lead based on how YOU move. Basically, if you and your opponent are moving right at the same angle and speed you don't have to lead (rare). If your opponent moves right and you move left you have to aim FARTHER right. You can see why in a strafing battle lead can seem inconsistent even tho it's not, but experience teaches you the feel of it
  22. and I'll respect the skill it required to pull that off
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