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  1. I use pistol 90% of the time, if an AR user killed me it's because he got the drop on me or I missed. Pistol is the vastly superior utility weapon.
  2. We have always been sheep. H2 was xbox live. H3 as well (to a lesser degree). Those games were dog dick compared to H1. But the herd still flocked to H2/3 (myself included). There are just more choices now a days.
  3. agreed, I'm very impressed with the weapon balance in this game so far.
  4. I had a scuf for the 360. This controller took some great ideas from scuf and improved upon them. I highly recommend this controller. It's not necessary but it's very nice.
  5. it does come with a high quality braided cable
  6. um....maybe you didn't hear but we got action sack
  7. CE is deep and has a high skill ceiling, but ranks work, you'll get good matches and have a chance to develop as a player naturally.
  8. no, he's gold. It's happened 3 times now. Twice to me and once to the opposite team. No rhyme or reason. I also had a crazy glitch where no one voted and the second map loaded with little to no textures. It was an all white map
  9. always 2 profiles. Guests can't search the playlist. However, as long as 1 player is Gold the other can be silver.
  10. what! Dude, I've been playing split almost exclusively. This did happened 1 time and I was furious, but that was only once out of well over 100 games I'd say. TBH, I just started playing about a week after ranks came out and I've had a good experience overall.
  11. some people have a BIG issue with vibe and blow it way out of proportion,but to each there own. I personally like vibe because I like to "feel my shots" and when I don't have it my timing in strafing and shooting gets wonky.
  12. I prefer strictly win/loss myself because imo it's the only stat that matters
  13. I second this for the most part, I'll play H5 fa sho
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