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  1. how do you change the resolve ties in the settings for h2a?
  2. ah, well i do boxer so i can bxr and bxb better in h2c. My shortgame is so much better but my grenades can get pretty sloppy so it would be nice to be able to keep my thumb on the joystick when i throw them
  3. I keep tweeting and messaging bravo but i guess he's got bigger things to worry about atm lol
  4. CE is cool because they give you the right bumper to throw grenades but for some reason they left h2 boxer the same so grenade is b and jump is A and the valueable bumpers are wasted on flashlight and grenade switch
  5. how many viewers do you think this event will pull?
  6. boxer but I don't understand why they would waste the bumpers on grenade switch and flashlight in halo 2 when using them for jump and grenade would be a billion times better. they even made right bumper grenade throw in the CE layout!
  7. thanks for moving the thread to a more appropriate location. didn't realize this thread already existed the sleeve for the two clear records hanging above it. The album is 'The King of Limbs' by radiohead
  8. show us what you got since you're probably just staring at an empty matchmaking lobby like me anyways XB1 Astro A40s w/mixamp 24in lg lcd w/ 2ms delay Hauppaugge HDPVR2 Lenovo laptop from 2010 that somehow runs premiere pro 6 with no issues that pullout shelf is so nice for holding all my shit
  9. are there any good private group chats going on that i could join? I'm going to shoot myself in the head if i read anymore of this twitch chat
  10. yeah with all dumb things said around here with actual sincerity
  11. i was just being sarcastic, andy. i think beyond is doing a great job
  12. but it's not right in front of my face. i can't find it so everybody else probably cant either
  13. i haven't checked my xbl fr for awhile so might have already sent it
  14. I am! did you send me a request already?
  15. Twisted I'm interested and in the same boat as you. add me: Disabled Wife I'm changing my GT when MCC comes out so if i don't get it by then I'll send you one from my changed name
  16. it was a troll it's like 5000. anyone playing h3 on 360 after mcc comes out is insane
  17. Does the halo 2 tournament span over all 3 days or is it a different tournament each day?
  18. idk h3 on 360 is averaging around 110k active players so my guess is there will still be a lot playing
  19. I'm from youngstown GT: Disabled Wife
  20. H2 on xbc so your bxr and dub shot are fine tuned by launch day
  21. I'm changing my name when the game comes out but you can still add me GT: Disabled Wife
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