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  1. I ddin't know that, thanks for shedding some light ont he topic =]
  2. I have no faith in 343i at all to be honest. The guys at 343i don't seem to respect the integrity of the lore. The Spartan warriors in the Halo 4 story line are power hunger angry war machines. As far as the previous games have gone, as well as the books, Spartans are well educated supreme beings that excel greatly in all areas. This includes the obvious physical talent and the mental talent, they fight necessarily rather than because they can. This however Isn't how they're portrayed in Halo 4. In Halo 4 I recall the scientists being called egg heads and stuff which Isn't the attitude that the Spartans have in the books. They're non-confrontational. Also, 343i clearly either don't know how to cater to the Halo audience. Bungie were so good at game design, they had a real skill for it. If you play halo 3 on LAN you'll notice that all of the weapons even ones not used often like the Plasma Rifle can be used effectively, 343i can't do this. They made a game with more power weapons (weapons that you can get kills with easily) and then buffed a lot of the regular weapons (DMR, AR etc) so that you can run around squeeze a trigger and be satisfied that you've accomplished something. People find easy accomplishments addictive, especially when they keep on happening, this is why you get medals for everything, this is why there are accommodations, this is why Xbox games have achievements. It's called gamification. Gamification is the idea that if you reward somebody for doing a particular activity whilst displaying that they will get another reward if they persist than they'll want to keep playing. It's worked well for COD. Working towards accomplishing 10,000 kills with a particular weapon means nothing because you can just kill bad players or even a guest controller that you've hocked up. 343i built a game to promote that kind of attitude, the Halo crowd however for the most part wanted a game that would measure how skilled you were rather than how many kills with the Carbon Rifle you can get. In my opinion they need to release a game that has a distinct difference between ranked and un-ranked, you can't blend the two (I can't believe Multi-Team is ranked, have you seen the spawns on that shit!). I'm not going to purchase Halo 5 until I see how good or bad it is. This means not buying it on release, this means waiting. All of you should wait before buying as well, just to make sure you don't burn £40 or $60. Once you've bought the game, they don't care if you chuck it aside and rage, in fact you'd be saving them the server bandwidth. ^Good post.
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