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  1. Average kill time and perfect kill time are wayyy too close in COD for it to have a high individual skill gap. Main reason you see people in COD killing a bunch of people in quick succession is because TTK is so low if you catch one or more players off guard or an angle they weren't expecting they are dead without a chance to effectively fight back.
  2. I don't get why people keep putting ALG over EG. EG has been looking pretty bad lately but ALG is a barely functioning team and has a worse pro league record.
  3. Because somehow you were surprised by the clg-optic scrim scores.
  4. I think it's unclear. It's not like CLG went from being trash to being in the finals with the pickup of lethul. They were a top 2 team with ogre 2 as well. 4v4 halo has a lot of factors so it's kinda hard to say if one player is better than the other for a team. Maybe ogre 2's experience could have helped CLG in the finals? I really don't know.
  5. Did roy mean to insult homosexuals with that statement? Of course not. A word alone is not offensive it's the intent of the word that matters.
  6. If you can't finish the game by the release date then extend the release date. The ease of updating games has made developers release unfinished products and then rely on a smaller team to actually finish the game. Imagine if they held the release of MCC and actually worked out all the bugs with a full team instead of having a hand full of guys try to fix the game for almost a whole year? The fact of the matter is 343's post release support has a VERY poor reputation and they have given us no reason we should trust them to release forge on time.
  7. It's called passion for something that is very important to you. You put your heart and soul into a game everyday to win a tournament you are gonna be pretty heartbroken when you lose. This isn't raging over a matchmaking game.
  8. I want some precursor to be in halo 5 and fuck shit up. Masterchief will be getting fucked up and ask the precursor what it is and it will say, "I? I am a monument to all your sins." Cue fade to black and creepy flood music.
  9. You admit to consistently quitting out of games and you think you don't deserve bad rep?
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