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  1. This is a very good question I would like to know as well Also Idk if it's my internet or cause I'm rusty but the gnasher is inconsistent as hell for me. In a versus match I'll point blank someone only for them to turn around and chunk me. I'm surprised my neighbors in my apartment complex haven't filed noise complaints from my outbursts from raging when it happens lol
  2. Like Halo 1 PC earlier this week, got everything set up on my BootCamp Partition and played some games yesterday. H2V plays great with my Elite controller and Dedicated Servers are a great plus. One thing that stood out to me compared to MCC H2C was ALL MY SHOTS LANDED. All these things were enough for me to keep playing. I joined the Discord and will definitely be sticking around. I'll be back for games after Finals are over It is awesome to see H1PC and H2V evolving like they are thanks to GMYF and Project Cartographer
  3. I got this set up on my BootCamp partition and got the Elite controller working thanks to the guides here. I got slaughtered but I had the time of my life much more than I can say playing MCC earlier Will def be hanging around the Discord more from now on
  4. I went through this Super Bowl Sunday I know that feel lol
  5. Not to beat a dead horse but there seriously need to be party restrictions. Running solo is an exercise in patience damn near every match I played tonight I got in against a to4 which lead to incredibly lopsided games and sadly everyone who plays H5 on my friends list is never on at the same time so can't fight fire with fire
  6. I heard about this too. Eager to hear if performance is better
  7. I'm glad media/Reddit is paying attention to this and hopefully leads to Reach getting patched like Gears 1,2,3 did. hopefully MS can start fixing the emulator before Black Ops 1 and hopefully Mortal Kombat 9 become backwards compatible
  8. FYI: Xbox Live is down again for anyone trying to play and having issues
  9. I popped up multi and the game said didn't have all the required DLC and when brought up to download all of them costed
  10. I just got a headache from reading the official Gears forums that place is a cesspool and I thought Waypoint was bad lol
  11. Whoever told me Time Warner customers are having connectivity issues with Halo 5 isn't lying. Unbearable lag every other game and disconnects everywhere. I have an Asus AC68U with Merlin firmware and pull Open NAT in NXE network settings and Destiny and my other games work perfectly It's sad because I like Halo 5 but don't have time for TWC and 343/MS to play blame game with each other when Black Ops 3 drops Tuesday and likely will work online without issue
  12. Wow. That's another issue I have when deciding to buy this as where BO3/SW: Battlefront/Rainbow 6 online will likely work decently out of the box with TWC
  13. I'm hearing those with Time Warner Internet are having issues w H5. To what extent are TWC users having w this game?
  14. I'm on the fence between buying this now and and preordering Black Ops 3. Is H5 worth the purchase at this moment or should I just save my money for next week?
  15. Rare Replay just got an update late last night to patch in the modern controls for Jet Force Gemini and reddit and Neogaf are saying the patched also updated Conkers BFD to uninvert the controls, fix Blast Corps crashing, and a few issues with Killer Instinct Gold Not to beat a dead horse here but why can't 343 be this responsive to issues
  16. This is exactly what happened to me which lead to crash to dashboard in my case and a deranking which I had zero control over smh
  17. Please add me I can't take matching up against parties anymore. My CE rank has suffered enough cause 343 doesn't care to add Party Restrictions and I keep getting matched with scrubs GT: Star Clout Edit: So MCC just deranked me again because of a CE game on Wizard that froze MCC and crashed to Dashboard smh
  18. Games in CE and HC lately have been either 1)laggy 2)lopsided 3)teammates quit early usually leading to 2v1 in CE Usually no in between. Ranks should've fixed 2/3 of those. Party restrictions are direly needed as well Also hope H3 HC launches smooth but we shall see
  19. Bro i just read that new refund policy this weekend. Steam stay winning
  20. *Walks in* *Sees MCC still isn't fixed* *leaves and goes back to Mortal Kombat X until successful patch feedback*
  21. When I play Team Hardcore all I get are lopsided Oddball games on Midship
  22. This. Team Hardcore is NOT meant to be unranked. Either you're winning by a landslide or losing by a landslide. No inbetweens Other than that the patch is amazing. Nonstop Halo ever since
  23. My gaming PC and Steam/Origin been good to a breh during my wait for the patch Bought Wickland, Murder Miners, Insurgency, Serious Sam Complete Collection, Shadow Warrior 2013/Shadow Warrior Classic Redux, Painkiller Complete Collection, and Titanfall PC all this weekend and loving playing them. Reflex and Toxikk also have been getting heavy burn as well. Titanfall PC Origin code is only $5.99 on Amazon
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