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  1. Really fun. The first two challenges are terrific. It's really one big video game movie. The whole plot is to stop a company from turning the Oasis into a pay to play corporatized game. Im 99% sure this is a Spnkr https://gfycat.com/secondenormousitalianbrownbear Why cant we embed gfycat?
  2. Seeing master chief in ready player one really makes me want a damn halo movie already. Come on
  3. If the mcc update comes out before h6, lets have a half season of h2a again
  4. Ive always said all halo game news should premiere at Worlds from now on. These games dont move the needle at e3 anymore, and it would be a great way to have all the gaming outlets focused on your game solely for that one day. Reveal it right before the grand finals, and then later on at e3 show more footage or whatever. They should do the same with GoW. (Gears needs a worlds)
  5. Shotzzy was really good at h2a too. They will be fine. Theyre young, and grind. That will always carry over It's like people who assumed the jetpack stars wouldnt be good at BOTG CoD, yet theyre still at the top
  6. Still baffled by snakebite just walking out. It was like he didnt know they still had snipe
  7. Amazing game. Splyce takes every advantage to its fullest. Cant believe that ground pound at the end lmao
  8. Rng nearly choked but there was a clutch sticky that helper seal it. I was watching on mlg on my phone, and my tv has twitxh on. Fucking twitch ended up spoiling it before the mlg app got the kill to win
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