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  1. This seems like such a pain in the ass. I dont get why it's not just attached to my account
  2. If i switch to a 1x all my games and apps is attached to my account, and be ready.to install correct?
  3. No im serious. What are they? I wanted to ask, but his chat is sub only and donations are a 10 dollar minimum
  4. Seriously i dont get it either I also love it for movement. It throws people off when they think youve jumped off. What is the point
  5. Because h5 would suck without it. Maps are too big, and strongholds would be even more snowbally Just make a no sprint halo. Thats it
  6. H5 multi team was fun too, and a good way to just kill shit without worry. They got rid of it though
  7. One halo movie on the scale of infinity war and i woild be happy. Just one. Or a classic halo. Either or
  8. I dont think people smurf to play worse people, just so they dont have to try as hard on their main. People dont message smurfs as much as they do real GTs
  9. Tox getting involved would be great. Optic is done. Kill it
  10. Top16 is rough. They need a change at this point. Too lazy and complacent
  11. Orlando 07 neighbor is the best neighbor. Assholes blew it at champs though. We were all rooting for you!
  12. Ninja having almost 500k viewers is incredible. And thats agood sized crowd too
  13. Who do we have to kill to have an annual h2 classic tourney? Just one time a year @@Tashi
  14. Should clutch get a green name (national champion) or a purple one?
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