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  1. No complaints. Still odd to have tourneys finish with the sun out. I do like that the cameras stayed on the stage after the series longer than normal to see both teams reactions after a series. Keep doing that
  2. First time on mcc in years, and got greeted to a 19gb update. I will say that h2 feels so much better. Im actually happy with it
  3. I refuse to believe mercy isnt better than those forge maps
  4. It's because movement is so fast epic flag at home should be on.
  5. Why in the world is flag not at home to score a thing? It's dumb
  6. Halo wont be mainstream again unless you market multoplayer with celebs. You cant keep trotting out singleplayer only campaign marketing
  7. Ninja won thd fortnite pro am and the million dollars for charity
  8. Why are people excited? The teaser showed us nothing
  9. H5 ads isnt real ADS. It feels like a regular scope. The beta was worse
  10. I played for the first time in months and did t notice a change at all in pace, or gameplay.
  11. Beyond has an office? All this time i thought it was still run out of an apartment
  12. Snipedown is better than bubu for sure, so that is an upgrade Nv leaving sucks, and they could have put a much better press release than that
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