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  1. 3 way tie in groups. Optic beat elevate, eg beat optic, elevate beat eg. Elevate advanced over optic with map count , because optic didnt win a game in their final series. Optic only lost one series, so thats what ryan is upset about with groups
  2. Im fine with the h5 pistol being the starting weapon in infinite. Maybe make it a 4sk
  3. Expecting hard party restrictions is ridiculous.y and ud be waiting forever for games. The real issue is that randoms dont callout anymore
  4. 2gre couldnt shoot in h3 either. Theres a reason he went from slay machine to flanking obj guy. To be fair, i blame the game mostly
  5. The way walsh tells it, they were envious of his red bull sponsorship
  6. I know fortnite isnt the pinnacle of shooting, but nick mercs more than holds his own vs pc players while playing on ps4
  7. Did they fix the stats? I wish h2c had the old stats like shots fired etc
  8. They ordered the worst looking food imaginable. Ban the brits. All of em
  9. Not really. Evadur and his crew on played h3, and didnt win his tourney last year
  10. I definitely played mcc after 2015, but never had this before. Thats odd
  11. Maybe but the aiming definitely felt better. There was still shit that wasnt in h2, like trades, but the aiming was smoother.
  12. Conversely, i liked watching oddball just wish it wss 200pts and on mercy instead of forge maps
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