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  1. It hurts that it's h3 reviving the community. I genuinely dont like watching it.
  2. Really happy that Tox won if splyce didnt Great story. Maybe @@LethuL will stream again now? It is hard to ignore splyce's lack of commitment, but thats on them I do have to say this was the first tourney in a while i didnt remember to watch live, and im a die hard. I really hope the future is better handled
  3. Normally i would agree, but the world is so detailed and alive it's incredible. It's one of the best games ive ever playee
  4. Can we crowdfund Team beyond getti g the rights to Shadowrun?
  5. When it comes to nades as radar, I could take it or leave it. But I do like the direction indicator when nades are being thrown at you
  6. The X is more powerful than the average PC gamers PC. Saying it's not powerful is nonsense.
  7. Ive thought about this for a while. Given how powerful the X is, whats stopping Microsoft from allowing us to play PC games on it? It would help differentiate it from ps4, and Microsoft is already trying to merge Windows gaming store I really want someone to ask Phil Spencer this. @@Tashi
  8. How many people here use their twitch prime sub on a halo streamer? I only give it to halo guys
  9. Ninja really raised FiS and Hysteria's profiles. It helps theyre good at fortnite but the exposure has been huge
  10. Very glad NA teams are going. Whats the time difference for the schedule gonna be?
  11. It doesnt matter how poorly pro league was run, it gave a spotlight on teams, orgs, matchups, and players after games. It created storylines, and kept interest. The NV vs Optic rivalry doesnt happen without pro league. I not only dont know when 2ks happen, I dont know who won, the matchups, and ultimately, they dont even affect points that much
  12. Will people admit they were wrong about pro league? It was necessary
  13. Kenny on Team Kaliber went to h5 events. He got top12 before with Cloud.
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