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  1. Still a lot of bugs This happened tonight http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GunRanger/video/38521532
  2. Fortnite is addictive. I just cant stand the randoom lag on xbox and,snipers. Anyone else having problems?
  3. @@Tashi @@Deez make an hcs version of this and id definitely buy one
  4. It's clear h5 had a compression issue. No other AAA is this large, yet came so bare. And the game has the most inconsistent servers as well. Playing today for the first time in a while, and it's incredibly frustrating.
  5. Yeah and now they did it to other players, sothe tourney is ruined
  6. Ace maniac vs mikqen eco frosty randa team is on stream now The doc is also streaming. Blops2 fifth on twitch righ now Check out this clip! DrDisRespectLIVE playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II! https://clips.twitch.tv/BlightedFancyDillChefFrank
  7. Someoneneeds to make an app that can bedownloaded from the store
  8. You dont post your videos here is why. I know the towey thing might have scared you off. I blame cyren personally
  9. 40k watched mlg dallas for h4. Even with shitty h4, people would have shown up. And more importantly, with halo, mlg doesnt put all their resources into CoD, which made it takeover halo as the console top ddog. Theres no way h2a wouldnt have been big, even with mcc trouble
  10. Of course you can. The stat, like damage, is dependent on context. Ninja was always high in damage, because he was so aggressive, but you couldnt win with him because he foolishly would push by himself and die so much. Then he would get mad becuse his teammates wouldnt finish a kill they had no chance of. Likewise, im sure someone with high deaths would also lead in dmg taken. The stat would be equally high for someone getting shit on, and someone who opens the map up. Dmg/death is the best damage stat.
  11. Sad but he was definitely the weakest link. Dan or ace please. Wouldnt shock me if naded rejoined
  12. The only thing that has me curious is puckett @ing halo in his one post about his xbox license plate. Other than that i have no reason to assume it wont be umg or gfinity just because
  13. I listened to a podcast and he mentioned the team winning dota, sso hes paying attention. What do we need to do to get him to talk to the halo team?
  14. Just found out tony robbins is an owner of Team Liquid. The more you know.
  15. I dont know why they think otherwise. Plus most pros wouldnt approve of it anyway
  16. Tweets only seem like roy is done. Where is the lbx retire tweets?
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