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  1. Reach was less of a halo than h4. I dont care how many teams went. Bloom automatically disqualifies it
  2. Popovich was a nobody before Duncan arrived. Even after they won in 99, he wasnt conaidered a top coach. If duncan didnt havw the temperament he did, Pop would have been fired like other superstars have done. Pop himself said Duncan was thw reason for this. And youre objectively wrong about kobe vs duncan. Duncan did far more for a team than kobe. He was an elite rim protector, and anchored one of the best defense in the league for years. He won more rings as the man than kobe. More fmvps, more MVPs. No gm survey had kobe over duncan to start a franchise during his prime. He won rings in the slowest offense, and the quickest. He won in a post up heavy offense, and in a pick and roll 3pt offense. He was always more valuable and efficient than kobe, not including just being a better teammate
  3. stop it. Duncan was better than kobe in his prime, and created the culture that allowed the success. Duncan always led the gm poll for "if you were starting a franchise" And h5 > reach
  4. Losing 50-49 wb rd 3 to str8 warlock ts. Ended up fucking them because carbon got upset by nice like rice, which meant 5k had to play carbon in losers for top8. It was the only tourney they didnt get top8 in h2
  5. Stellur ola snipedown mikwen Renegade shotzzy bubu stellur/eco Eco stellur shotzzy renegade Which one is right?
  6. Karma should be higher on all time lists. He dominated ffa/1v1s (when it mattered) in addition to being a top 4v4 player. Hes also the only member of Carbon to win an h3 event
  7. The crowd for LoL worlds is unreal. Over 280k on twitch too Edit: 335k. Whats the most watched esport event?
  8. No it doesnt. The top3 is inarguable, and no one qould say otherwise. Royal2 is the most debatable because of his style, but he was the most consistent memeber if clg. People just forget or dont realize how good Apg was. He was always underrated. Unquestionably top5 Top10, sure. Top5/6? No he doesnt. 2gres style in h3/h2a was heavily dependent on the slayers he played with. He was no longer mechanically able to slay and take over games like he did in h2. It's why he changed his style to that flank/obj stuff. He barely could wiin 1v1s in h2a. Put him on winterfox does he push the needle? No. Denial? No. Replace him on clg and do they get better? I would favor yes. Theres no lack of game sense among the players i listed. They were just more capable of doing other things. Success isnt always the main factor in ranking skill.
  9. The best 5 players were, in no order Roybox Snipedown Apg (if hes not in your h2a top5, your top5 is wrong) Royal 2 I never considered lethul to be on those guy level skillwise in h2a, let alone considered him the best. He was a great gap filler Fwiw, i think eg would have won events with ola too. Tthey were slaying clg heavily at that event. They would have figured it out
  10. Snipedown has had more success in h2a and h5 Lethul wasnt even top5 in h2a But yes i would put him above roybox for sure
  11. No red white blue and with bad font. RIP MLG 2003-2017 T2 looks rough
  12. Do you support my suggestion to replace the flagnum with the gunfighter
  13. Because it allows teams to avoid gametypes and maps, and makes the overall viewing experience worse since they will repeat the same rotation. Of course pros like it because they get to cover their flaws.
  14. No it isnt. It's rof is like a pistol carbine. You hit your shots, youll kill your opponent. Either way, even if it is worse, flag bearers arent at a disadvantage as it is now. They should be since holding the flag should come with some drawback. It's A fine compromise between having no weapo, like in past halos, and having weapon to defend yourself
  15. Gunfighter should be the default flagnum. It's advantageous up close, but puts the flag carrier at a disadvantage mid to long range, which is how it should be. Flag bearers shouldnt be allowed to roam free
  16. Yes, because in th event optic has to sell the team, the new owner wont have to rebrand everything.
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