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  1. He was competing for money. You make it seem like 343 was begging ninja not to leave
  2. Ninja defended the atrocious CW h1z1 tourney. Can we please stop posting what he thinks? Yeah just quit games because these pros can just waltz right into top prize money in other games. Hey optic you should leave hundreds of thousands on the table because of lame settings. You know how ridiculous that sounds? There are far worsejobs than playing br starts h5
  3. Frosty quitting and leaving another 125k check on the table. I'll believe when i see it
  4. It was all about the top4 anyway. Still, we went from agls to real production, and organization. Real orgs came in, and old pros came back. Viewership rose as well. H2a was very important.
  5. I think h2a is one of the best looking x1 games. It revived competitive halo, and brought in big orgs. The real fuckup was the gap between the end of s2nfinals and the first h5 tourney. Killed all momentum. And it gave us the GOAT series. (Clg v noble black)
  6. I gave up and started watching netflix. I'll try again today. Btw it's my birthday
  7. I would love to see chief in a real war fight. Like dropping him on dday or something.
  8. Yes, but it just happened again on rig. Couldnt be my xbox because i had no issues on titanfall right before i switched to halo
  9. I just played for the first time and the frames dropped heavily every single time a gun fired. Has that happened to anyone else?
  10. Keep the same trophy as last year. Just make it bigger and metal.
  11. I would like to see Lunch tapping ace apg Fal shooter dan contra
  12. Halo5 reqs are a ton more consumer friendly than other games. You can get evverything from in game currency, and it doesnt take long at all to earn req points.
  13. Well they dont have a roster. It's not like thw y dropped the team
  14. Not hard at all. Eco is definitely better. Stellur is also more consistent than bubu
  15. 49" lg led hdr 4k tv. Only 400 dollars but only 60hz (tru motion 120 but thats fake) Worth it? http://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-49UJ6300-4k-uhd-tv
  16. I stuck a guy with a frag once lol http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GunRanger/video/33624693
  17. In the great dmr vs br h4 starting weapon debate, i was and still am Team Dmr 90% of my reasoning is because it doesnt sound like shit.
  18. NV dont feel right And with how much splyce manager gushes over shotzzy, i cant imagine his buyout is cheap
  19. Salty clg lethul was the best. I dont like optic lethul. Girlfriends, losing weight, yeezys, haircuts. He's a shell of himself
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