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  1. Except this CoD is its most successful in years, and may end up the most successful ever. Halo is on a minimum of 3 yr cycle too, which isnt normal. Really the only other alternative is to have games that dont change like pubg, fortnite, and CS.
  2. Game 7 3sup vs e6 Game 7 str8 vs lg (where ninja missed the easiest snipe ever)
  3. Splyce is a monster squad. After them, yeah i agree. Boring teams
  4. Halo5 doesnt have predatory microtransactions. It's one of the fairest in al of video games. You can get everything by just playing
  5. Call of Duty: WWII was November's best-selling game overall, and instantly becomes the best-selling video game of both 2017 (year to date) as well as the rolling 12 month period ending November 2017. Call of Duty: WWII generated more launch month consumer spending than any Call of Duty debut since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II in November 2012. Call of Duty is the top ranking revenue generating franchise in tracked history. Mlg announcement was a lot better than the movie
  6. Fyi, kuavo kenny who teamed with cloud and got top12 at ME Vegas 2017,, just won CoD Dallas
  7. Eu is good. This splyce team (3/4) is the only eu team to win a major cod event.
  8. @@Clap the only problem i have with the production is that the hud during a game doesnt show what round it is
  9. All splinters ever needed was a plasma nade like timer. Thats it. No oone ever complained above the strength of it, just the instant fuse
  10. Aside from wanting new maps and gametypes, who watched denver and thought pistol starts were the problem?
  11. Didnt we all agree overgrowth strongholds was superior to empire
  12. "We’re thrilled to announce that the CWL New Orleans Open is expanding! The MLG team has heard your feedback on Dallas team passes and immediately got to work to lock down additional equipment for CWL New Orleans so that we can accommodate more teams. The updated Open Bracket will now hold 256 teams, bumping the overall team total (including teams from Pools) to 272 teams!"
  13. Considering passes for dallas are sold out, they cant even play if they wanted
  14. I havent played really since the update. Why is the magnum supposedly better? What did t hey do to it? The br, lr, dmr and carbine would all be better p ickupsbfor their range still right?
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