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  1. Mikwen you are strong. You are special. I believe in you. We can get through this together, but first you must stream
  2. Threw away so much money when he was on optic. He gained youtube subs and twitch subs without doing anything, then went dark
  3. Kuavo Kenny went from Cod to halo to best player in ww2 and back to back champ.
  4. Optic got knocked out and only placed top12 @ Nola. @@Clap my only issue with the broadcast is that the round isnt shown on screen during a match
  5. Why is this shocking? Hes got top12 before and won one of the cups before dreamhack
  6. Lethul getting a girlfriend and stopping streaming, was a bigger blow to halo than ninja leaving
  7. All we want is a reissue of Final Boss hoodies. Take our money
  8. I hope thats the new str8. Lunch reppin str8 is something i want to see
  9. Why? He wasnt a top4 player and lg is better without him. Let him play his games
  10. "Thank you for the kind words. Idk how much detail I can go into on the whole thing. Mine and royal 2's contract had come up and we began to negotiate with CLG as well as see what other offers we could get. CLG didn't offer us what we wanted to stay until we were ready to leave and by that point we had already made up our minds on what we were going to do." - snakebite http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/15229-halo-pro-player-snakebite-ama/page-3?
  11. Best series ever easily. Every game was great except the warlord bomb, buut even that was close. LOCKOUT BALL - down 30s with a minute left, noble keeps the BR setup, and win Warlord TS - 49-49 aries gets a clutch kill on heinz. Noble up 2-0 Shrine flag - Noble really should have won this. Completely outslayed them. Arkanum and apg were shitting. Aries did njot play well at all this game. Noble had the lead 2-1 iirc then 2gre got snipe and paved the way for them to tie it, then win. All of noble was close to 40 kills but aries had like 18 Warlord bomb - close game but clg wasnt really in danger SHRINE TS - CLASSIC.
  12. And what about the cop who shot an unarmed, non-threatening man for opening the door?
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