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  1. I pray RNG makes a run tomorrow. Neptune and lunch have played really well
  2. Top8: Splyce Nv Optic Rec Renegades Fyra Str8 Oxy Oxy plays RNG for top 6. Winner plays optic for top4 Str8 plays fyra for top6. Winner plays Rec for top4.
  3. A halo 5 tourney ahead of schedule and finishing at a good time is madness
  4. On the board. Put points on the board. On the board. Put the points on the board
  5. So pretty much all the pool play teams now only have 1 match tomorrow, while the open teams have to play 3, then it goes to bracket play correct?
  6. The mlg app sends so many notifications on my phone, even with the notification turned off i the app. I had too block it on my phones settings. Never got a notifcation on myy xbox though
  7. Same teams every week. Can teams do more gbss to change up the bracket please
  8. I dont see this team making a dent for top2 Is it just me or has eco stellur joining splyce really reduced the number of contenders? Only huke is out of the pool, yet the gap seems larger
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