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  1. When lethul used to stream, he said he was getting 3.50 a sub, and bigger streamers like ninja were getting $4.
  2. It was microsoft 343 trying to make virgin gaming a thing. It was a disaster.
  3. Every sport interviews losers, it's just mostly in the post game. I dont see any issue asking a team on the floor what went wrong, and h ow they will fix it going into losers bracket.
  4. Is cratos still playing? At events, i would like to see interviews with losers too. They often have more interesting thinfs to say
  5. Damage indicates NONE of that. It's an isolated stat that offers no context or any effective individual contribution. If your dmg is helping the team, it would show up in assists and kills. Putting shots on people no one has a chance to finish, most of the time is useless in this game. No one is saying you cant go negative and be effective, but dipping below a certain kd shows that you arent keeping up. (And teams that have replaced players with those who have stronger KDs, have succeeded.)If youre dying a lot and not producing kills or assists, youre not helping your team. Ninja was the best example of hiw flawed dmg is. He would always be high in dmg because he would push by himself, get people weak but since he was always in a bad position, he would die with no one to finish those kills. Thus making his dmg useless. His high deaths, and style, were a large factor in his teams losing deciding slayers. Plus we dont even know how dmg is calculated, what the values are, or if theyre still be accurately recorded.
  6. At no point in halo is dying more than killing viewed as a positive. All these "stats dont matter" guys is just a cover to defend their favorite players when they play poorly. .66 kd is awful, no matter who it is. And beast values damage excessively, when it's even more flawed.
  7. Dont know why people bringing up frosty. Lethul had one of his weakest tourneys. First series vs nv he had a .66 kd.
  8. There were over 3k on mixer during the finals Not happening with points being so important
  9. Surprised columbus is only 50k. @@Tashi you ever thoight about crowdsourced merchandise for prize pools? Not reqs but like t shirts, bags, etc? If only 9 NA teams make it, how will it be settled? The top8 is obvious because thats how the bracket works, but how is 9th team going to be found?
  10. Tourney over and i have time to take a nap, go to the gym, and the grocery? Fire MLG. This is unacceptable
  11. Bravo and walshy would be better We neee t2 back. He needs to care about growing halo again
  12. Try and get wider angles. The powerup is in focus but we dont get a good view of where the other players are
  13. 1584 for the b stream on mixer. No idea how much on mlg Edit: clap posted
  14. Penguin blew game 1. Theyre losing, optic is scoring, 3 dead on optic, and he doesnt cap the already half capped blue bend despite being turbine. He waits 10 secs for OS, gets it, runs across to tower and get melted in tower. No one capped blue, and optic got a trip cap
  15. If apg played like today yesterday, they beat rec 100%. Gotta come correct every day
  16. Can one of you punch Bravo for how he pronounces Saiyan? It's say-in not say-Yan.
  17. Optic dropped a game to rng and str8. Then got 3-0d. If theyre sloppy again maybe ttheres a chance. Apg has to play better though
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