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  1. Also there are trades in h2. There never was such a thing
  2. It's difficult to describe, but the aiming aand general feel is just off. They used halo pc and h2 vista to port over since it was easier.
  3. 37k on twitch for the finals between rise and red reserve (EU) is a positive.
  4. Huke just went off to get nv to game 5 vs rise Watch Call of Duty with me on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/callofduty?sr=a
  5. Fortnite will support cross-play and cross-progression between the PlayStation 4, xbox, PC, Mac, iOS, and eventually the Android versions of the game. This is great news
  6. If they Can make H2 feel like classic H2 instead of vista H2 that would be great
  7. For such an "irrelevant" scene, a lot of people are sure talking about this. 100 thieves would be my ideal choice.
  8. Gonna be sad when optic drops CoD and turns into a joke. Then the investors lose money and then come the planted espn and forbes stories with the headline "ESPORTS BUBBLE BURST"
  9. EG is all but confirmed now right? They said they wanted a halo team but only if it's a contender
  10. The appeal of esports is being lost. The weird quest for approval from traditional media and investors is leading it down a soulless path.
  11. This. I dont want carbon, fb or any of tghem back unless they were real orgs
  12. The two are unrelated. Just thhought it was cool to point out that murder pool
  13. That would be Nv Fyra Contra dan monster bxby j Shooter fal tapping dan That pool would have been murder
  14. It's not the same because there isnt a risk of a tough pool. Youre playing the same level of teams, but the excitement is in the potential matchups
  15. Did you not understand my post? Theyre grindiing just to make top16 in points. The seeds dont matter anymore and shouldnt beyond the top4, since they dont share placings. There is nothing separating rng and fyra based on Orlando for instance. The 5-8 teams deserve better placements than the two groups below, and they will get it. At no point will any of the 5-8 teams not be considered the rightful 2nd best in a pool. This way leads to more varied matchups. It's much more entertaining
  16. They have been playing 3 months to get into a grouping, not a seed. Only top 4 teams deserve a seed
  17. For drama. They do it in cod. Theyre still guaranteed to be 2nd best in their group.
  18. I played too and no one considered him a top am. He was just local with that area. Top AM players were players like Brute or soviet. Even guys likke cloud who werent top8 yet but was a top ffa player. Even though top16 was "pro" people viewed it as top8 or bust.
  19. Lethul fostered the toxicity, and profited from it, then abandoned them once they werent invincible anymore
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