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  1. Honestly? I dont think they would be #1, but absolutely top 8. They just dont have the methodical team work that Tox/Rec/Nv have, they just, as you say, abuse the shit out of H5 mechanics and fly, knowing they have the best gun skills in the game. Shotzzy with his map movement is also a huge game changer, dude is just literally everywhere, all the time.

    Shotzzy was really good at h2a too. They will be fine. Theyre young, and grind. That will always carry over



    It's like people who assumed the jetpack stars wouldnt be good at BOTG CoD, yet theyre still at the top

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  2. For doing top 10 lists for LAN events what do yous think the games threshold should be for making the list?


    Should a player have to have played over half the maximum amount of games played to be able to make the list?


    For example Tapping Buttons and Danoxide make the Highest Damage Per Game list but only because they played less games than other players that made it further in the tournament. The more games a player plays the more likely their average will fall.

    You have to makr bracket play at least

  3. Honestly Contra should have made it but he is to be blamed for his failure and not cause of his skill. Deciding to be a duo with Predevonator who retired and has struggled nightly since coming back cost him a worlds spot. Had Armada had someone from Oceanic squad replace Devon they would've made it imo. Sometimes sticking with your friends isn't the best idea and it cost Contra. Sad to see no Danoxide, Tapping Buttons and Contra at worlds.

    Devon played better than monstcr most of the tourney tourney
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  4. after Denver when I had to go to the ER followed by surgery it was gallbladder sludge and gallstones and I now I am more sad for bed because that was the worst pain I have ever been in in my life. Hopefully he doesn’t have to get surgery but tbh after getting the surgery I can go back to eating normal trash food without worrying about being in the fetal position for 6 hours.

    Gallbladder sludge is to halo as concussions are to football
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