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  1. Can you cite a play except for 1) the battle he won at Snipe game 1 which allowed RNG to get the 2nd cap (the one in which Demon D was looking at him and missed because of an admittedly clutch LBX crouch I think) and 2) the play he made with camo game 4, which is really the play he shouldve been able to make anyway, and it was really dependent on Neptune regardless?


    He wasn't on the POV much but all I saw in the kill feed was him getting killed a lot. For what it's worth, Neptune is not playing his best at all either.

    Lunch and apg were the only ones with a kd of 1 or higher.

  2. So playing H1 with Matclan yesterday against 2gre, the guy playing with 2gre was really good. He had just the tag "N" and was disgusting with snipe.


    Talking to an MLG employee, turns out that was Nakamura who went to H1 events with MLG back in the day. @@Teapot not sure if he's still active around H1 communities now but he's still incredible at the game.

    He lans with 2gre in utah a lot.
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