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  1. So you don't get 0-0 replays. Map is too big, sprint-thrust-slide too fast and respawn time too short for that map.  They're not willing to make actual game changing updates to the game at this point, so thats what happens.  iirc though, Halo 2 wasn't flag home to score either? Or maybe im remembering that it wasn't touch return...

    It's because movement is so fast epic flag at home should be on.

  2. As long as ADS and sprint are in or not able to be toggled, Im out.They dont belong in Halo and your trading aesthetics and "immersion" for trash game-play aka the problem with most modern shooters. Moving and shooting in a shooter should not require a fkn animation and a million button presses to get across a map or shoot you in the face, its not the way a DM shooter is supposed to feel.

    H5 ads isnt real ADS. It feels like a regular scope. The beta was worse
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