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  1. Context? What's this about?


    Edit: oof just saw the news...I don't quite understand Ryanoob's tweet though, can someone clarify what he means?

    3 way tie in groups. Optic beat elevate, eg beat optic, elevate beat eg. Elevate advanced over optic with map count , because optic didnt win a game in their final series. Optic only lost one series, so thats what ryan is upset about with groups

  2. https://media1.giphy.com/media/xTiTnDAP0RiCo9k85W/giphygif


    They didn't drop Walshy because of his performance, they dropped him because of his (alleged) lack of commitment to the team, from their point of view. But even then I think it's wild to say that he was easily the best player on FB at that time.


    And don't get me wrong, I love Walshy. While it may have appeared to be an 'epic fail' at the time given how the 08 season played out, ultimately it's Ogre 2 who ended up winning multiple halo tournaments & multiple national championships after Meadowlands (to Walshy's zero).

    The way walsh tells it, they were envious of his red bull sponsorship

  3. I think this came up last time... you all are overestimating how accurate KBM players are. Yes, you can be pinpoint accurate more than console but even the best PC players still miss a lot of their shots. If the sniper is projectile and has 0 bullet magnetism on PC with reasonably sized hitboxes it would be fine. If the game has the same hitboxes and bullet magnetism as H5 currently does, even in the absence of any aim assist, it would be a nightmare on PC... but so would just about every other weapon.


    its really not the weapons that would be the issue on PC, its the overly forgiving hit detection and over-reliance on hitscan and Halo has needed to tone that shit down even on console for the last 3 games.

    I know fortnite isnt the pinnacle of shooting, but nick mercs more than holds his own vs pc players while playing on ps4
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