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  1. https://twitter.com/343Postums/status/1068380630914715649



    I'm a little surprised I didn't see this posted here yet with all the aiming discussions we have. I think a could pages ago, people were "praising" H4 and H2A's aiming vs. the rest of the titles. If i'm reading this right - you might be able to have that option now.

    This is hige news and potentially gamebreaking. Still im for it, as h3 is the worst aim system in the series.
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  2. If H2A had Middy and Creek, 343 were willing to remove nade indicators and hitmarkers and lower the gross amounts of magnetism then we could have a discussion which game should be played. But as it is, H3 is clearly the better choice, not even considering the fact it was the most popular comp Halo game and "Nostalgia" I do enjoy playing H2A, but it is not a good competitive title (it is when compared to H4/5, but not the first three and Reach v7) and especially the fact it has THREE MAPS is a tragedy.


    Yay for 343 remaking Relic, Ascension and Zanzibar instead of BC, Middy and a more iconic BTB map. Even Warlock is a waste of a spot given how easily it could've been forged.

    Even with onlyy 3 maps i never got tired of watching Shrine or warlord matches.

  3. I'm not sure if this has been talked about, but we will probably be losing some of our pro player talent to CoD BLOP4. Shotzzy said on stream multiple times that he will be competing in it. Renegade, Eco, Stellur have also been grinding off stream to prepare for the new game. I'm sure Frosty wants to at least play in the first event for BLOP4.


    When is the tournament?

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