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  1. Unrelated but Ive been clawing the XB1 controller as of lately and although the hand cramps are a pain, I'm wondering why I haven't clawed with the XB1 controller prior to this


    Edit: Team Hardcore needs added ASAP. SMG start objective games aren't fun at all esp once enemy team gets BR/Snipe/Rockets on maps like Lockout and Beaver Creek. And playing HCS playlist isn't really an alternative due to H2A's lag issues

    opposite for me. h2a doesnt lag, but h2c is horrible. I cant play at all because of lag.



    And Big Team used to be fun, but no one takes it seriously with no ranks.



    When did Halo players stop talking? People back in h2 used to talk with randoms all the time

  2. I watched on youtube, and the audio seemed low. Other than that, the technical side of things were fine.


    I do wish there were more listen-ins with the teams. Commentators are cool, but there's too much. A lot of the best moments in big matches is just listening to the teams themselves.



    I also wish they just used their names instead of their gamertags, but that's a minor problem

  3. I noticed the grenade hit markers are still in the game, unless that was a older build somehow. 


    But on a better note, I didn't see the useless "Generic Kill" medal or a "Comeback Kill" medal. I guess those are positives at least. 

    there was a revenge medal




    In case you don't have ign access at work

    I dont mind Warlock not being as dark, but I dont like the grenade markers still being there, nor do I like the br reticule.





    What's the difference between Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary?

  4. Is anyone else worried that their performance in MCC multiplayer will be hindered by going back and forth from game to game? The mechanics in each game are very different. I know if I'm playing hours of Halo 3 and all the sudden I want to play H2 Classic, it's gonna take me a few matches to get back in the rhythm.

    The only awkward thing for me is not having a duke controller. I hated the S, and the 360 controller. Haven't held an X1 yet, but it's still too small

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