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  1. I noticed the grenade hit markers are still in the game, unless that was a older build somehow. 


    But on a better note, I didn't see the useless "Generic Kill" medal or a "Comeback Kill" medal. I guess those are positives at least. 

    there was a revenge medal




    In case you don't have ign access at work

    I dont mind Warlock not being as dark, but I dont like the grenade markers still being there, nor do I like the br reticule.





    What's the difference between Halo 2 Classic and Halo 2 Anniversary?

  2. Is anyone else worried that their performance in MCC multiplayer will be hindered by going back and forth from game to game? The mechanics in each game are very different. I know if I'm playing hours of Halo 3 and all the sudden I want to play H2 Classic, it's gonna take me a few matches to get back in the rhythm.

    The only awkward thing for me is not having a duke controller. I hated the S, and the 360 controller. Haven't held an X1 yet, but it's still too small

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