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  1. 11 hours ago, Knighty Knight said:

    What are the drawbacks of esports mimic'ing the way traditional sports handles business? From an entertainment and recreational standpoint I see no difference.  Esports has always had an issue with creating revenue. We are almost at the point where we'll have a set formula - it just needs to be handled the right way with the correct leadership in place.

    I hate the way esports thinks mimicking pro sports is the way to legitimacy. Wearing suits all the time, using real names instead of gamertags etc. People gravitated to esports because it was fresh, and an extension of the gamer culture, especially online play where you can play globally. Regular sports are only played locally, which is why local city culture and city based teams makes sense. Theyre a reflection of the city, and have the money and history to maintain a presence.


    This shit is just forced and throws away all the fun and unique nature of orgs, and specific team fanbases. I also read open tourneys would go away too.


    Not too mention all these city names sound corny. I have no interest in OWL and will have no interest in this.

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