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  1. I thought the logo was an animal with his hands up but it's actually a sword
  2. Should be an H5 tourney before infinite. We had the nostalgia now go forward again
  3. Watching CoD Finals vs where the halo scene now is pathetic. Theres no momentum going into infinite at all But then CoD will be less interesting with franchising next year also. If Halo got their act together, orgs that will be priced/left out of CoD could have wanted to switch.
  4. Good to know the tourney is on a channel no one has heard of before instead of the main one
  5. Been gone awhile, aside from Tox and Rec, whonare the other contenders?
  6. H5 was more exciting. Who knew people like watching shots connect? Roybox back Also in CoD: Rec got 3rd and Frosty got top6
  7. What's the prize pool for the Invitational and Gamers for giving
  8. I hate the way esports thinks mimicking pro sports is the way to legitimacy. Wearing suits all the time, using real names instead of gamertags etc. People gravitated to esports because it was fresh, and an extension of the gamer culture, especially online play where you can play globally. Regular sports are only played locally, which is why local city culture and city based teams makes sense. Theyre a reflection of the city, and have the money and history to maintain a presence. This shit is just forced and throws away all the fun and unique nature of orgs, and specific team fanbases. I also read open tourneys would go away too. Not too mention all these city names sound corny. I have no interest in OWL and will have no interest in this.
  9. Aand for the money perspective: each Pro League team gets $44,375 ($8875 per player) just for playing in the league You receive a bonus $500 (per player) for a win (22 games) Prize pool: • 1st $500k • 2nd $300k • 3rd $200k • 4th $100k • 5/6 $43,750 • 7/8 $18,750 • 9/10 $12,500
  10. Frosty made pro league, and Faze did not. To say it isnt a big deal is silly
  11. Didnt help that they scheduled a tourney during the NFL playoffs
  12. I used to be able to click the thread and it would take me to the first unread post since i last visited. How do I do that now?
  13. Only complaint about the new site is that posts are too close to each other. Theres no seperation
  14. If you played against DaddyRich24 thats richard jefferson. Says hes a still a big halo guy
  15. This game looks a lot like titanfall 2. The movement, the shooting, it's clear
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