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  1. FFA can stay, just play longer on saturdays. no reason for the tourney to end at 11. more maven and walshy. i want Walshy to cast the grand finals over Goldenboy there really needs to be more maps by 343. I also don't think Ascension is that bad of a map for a tournament.
  2. It's silly; they decide to go late on Sunday, instead of going late on Sat. It makes no sense, and hurts people who would have to go to school or work on Monday. MLG would always go late on Sat, and then Sunday would be over by like 6
  3. I cant go more than 10s without the stream buffering
  4. No more Clap? UMG had 154k concurrent views. I had no idea CoD was that big competitively.
  5. Walsh and Maven easily. Goldenboy seems like a cool guy, but he's not very good, and doesn't bring anything. Bravo is solid too. They should have played more yesterday. They ended the tourney at like 11pm
  6. I don't like that. It changes the flow of the game. So a team gets to score twice, then everyone goes back to original spawns, and then they all say go at a specific time? Just too silly.
  7. They just said c9-optic is next on the stream. Did they play already? Edit: Goldbenboy is lost. :lol: C9 lost. Maven should cast
  8. Str8 vs EG - I wonder if they'll be team changes for whoever loses that. Str8 might take comfort in knowing how close the CLG series was, but still. Optic-C9 too? They really should have played more yesterday. Ending the tourney at 11 was silly
  9. Has there been any indication from 343 on when new remakes are coming?
  10. How are the sticks on them? I want one similar to the Duke's, with the domed top
  11. Can someone explain why the Suddoths are known? did they place well in Reach or something?
  12. ADS makes long range battles non-existent. It's only meant for quick kill times and stick and move shooters like most military games.
  13. No, 4s. I like H1 4s. You can play 4s in TS, but I'd like to do objective games too and it's a crap shoot with the voting system getting H1 in TS There should be a 2s playlist too.
  14. I have seen more technical issues this tourney than any other I've seen. Is it the X1's fault or is it MCC's?
  15. Str8 vs Elevate should be on the main stage
  16. It doesn't make sense to me. It's like you have to spam it, and the reticule/aiming lock on it isn't accurate. I just pick it up so they other team doesn't get it. lol

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