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  1. Str8 had so many opportunities, but fucked up positioning when the flag was so close to their base
  2. That's my point. I could understand Noble play Vibe today, but there's no reason to have the top 8 play today, especially now.
  3. Dont get why they're doing this today. Could easily fit it in tomorrow
  4. I think the obvious happening is Pistola joining C9 in place of Ninja.
  5. Do you know what time on the rebroadcast is the C9 vs CLG series?
  6. 3 different teams have won events, but CLG has finished no less than 2nd. I hope they really practice a lot. 343 better have the map packs ready for season 2. Still, this has been the most enjoyable Halo viewing experience since '07, so that's a plus for me/
  7. I wish there was another event before the finals
  8. And then Ogre 2 lags out before the replay finished. The game is a mess
  9. How long is it taking to play game 2 already? Jesus
  10. sounds like i missed a great clg series. I forgot about this. Anyone have the bracket?
  11. H5 beta is a lot more enjoyable than no one talking in H2A, It's frustrating, plus people still will betray people for snipers.
  12. WHat is wrong with the traditional rocket design? I dont get it. it does seem slow too I do think Pegasus is a solid map though, just sick to death of people not talking and playing like idiots
  13. Sprint is already in the commercials. It will be in the game. Best you could hope for is a toggle for customs, and when the population inevitably craters like H4 did, hope H6 goes back to the basics
  14. FFA can stay, just play longer on saturdays. no reason for the tourney to end at 11. more maven and walshy. i want Walshy to cast the grand finals over Goldenboy there really needs to be more maps by 343. I also don't think Ascension is that bad of a map for a tournament.
  15. It's silly; they decide to go late on Sunday, instead of going late on Sat. It makes no sense, and hurts people who would have to go to school or work on Monday. MLG would always go late on Sat, and then Sunday would be over by like 6

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