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  1. With all the complaints for Halo's payouts, why is the NA Regional for CoD only 5k to first place? http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/competitions/88#event_190_prizes He was discussing ranked playlists in general. He said only one playlist was ranked, which is incorrect. And a larger population playing helps the game, because eventually they'll creep into the competitive scene. That's how MLG took off
  2. Yeah I wished it were longer. gonna suck to see H2A leave so soon
  3. Ranked playlists are ranked playlists. Anything to grow the population will help Halo. And it has objective gametypes in the playlist
  4. H2A playlist is ranked. Will points carry over, or is everyone starting fresh?
  5. Royal 2 and Snakebite wouldnt get any objective done without 2gre. Hell, Royal 2 played really dumb in several games today 2gre hasnt been the same player without the duke, but he's still a top player
  6. I got so many undeserved head shots with sniper, it was ridiculous.
  7. The maps, weapons, and shooting in H5 arent enjoyable to watch, even if there is less auto aim
  8. the halo twitch always puts past broadcasts almost immediately
  9. Because they were up 2-0 in the series, and proceeded to blow leads in every gametype aside from assault. Being 8th seed means nothing, they blew their chance. Just because they werent expected to be this far, doesnt mean they get an excuse. That being said, I dont think it was a choke
  10. He could have naded and got a double. He could have flanked the sniper, he just didnt know what to do.
  11. I really wished someone would make a bigger xbox one controller. This shit is too small for hands
  12. Found a game real quick on H2C, but the lag/shot registration is still an issue. I also want to edit my emblem dammit
  13. Watching Denial v CLg now, and I cant believe Denial all went bottom on Lockout ts. It fucked them over in the end

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