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  1. Cloud is the perfect addition to CLG, but it's still glaring how they neglect objective. You can hear Cloud's monotone frustration
  2. That's why I like them :ghost: Joysticks Forward all the time top8 is going to competitive
  3. CLG has a problem finishing kills, and 2gre seems to be the only one that follows the flag carrier back to the base. team randa is impressive. Just so aggressive
  4. What is the point of PGLs? Is there money involved? Also, anyone know why 2gre doesnt stream anymore?
  5. Why do people think sprint being toggle option would help? 343 will not promote a sprint-less HCS. It's admitting the game doesnt work
  6. If Season 2 ends in July, there is still enough time for a Season 3 before November if they wanted to. I cant believe we're going to not have Midship or Beaver Creek in H2a
  7. Naded's stream is still subs only for rebroadcasts correct? Since this is the last H2A season, it sucks there are only 2 events before the Finals They played Arkanum's team yesterday.
  8. All these team changes are cool, but they need to announce new maps soon. It's going to be tiring watching these same maps and gametypes again
  9. I know I'm late, but I was disappointed we arent seeing CLG Naded What are the payouts for the tourney?
  10. Just click the image, then click save. It will take you to the link image
  11. nah. royal 2 singlehandedly lost them that oddball lockout vs noble.
  12. this new ad campaign makes it all the more obvious they knew it was broken, and didnt care until after the beta
  13. Yeah,the reviews on Amazon are great. I am getting real tired of the xbox headset. It is a good price too, although I will have to buy the adapter as well. Are there any 3rd party xbox1 controllers that are larger than the normal one?
  14. The game still starts with a team a man down. I'm also sick to death of Stonetown. Cant believe people would rather play ts there, than neutral bomb assault. And the map pack better be soon
  15. And to think just two tourneys ago Optic 3-0d CLG, and placed 3rd
  16. Anyone have HyperX headphones? Thoughts on them?
  17. It really bugs me that it doesnt show the map in the post game stats lobby. Why remove that?
  18. I agree. It's like people forget they were 3-0'd by Optic, and then were down 2-0 to C9 at the last tourney. Denial beat them at UGC. Would have been 3-1'd by Denial if 2gre didnt get really clutch. Then went down 2-0 to NB, and could have easily lost those tiebreakers. Is there a reason 3 plots is ruled out? Seems the most logical gametype
  19. I don't know. I was genuinely asking. I just assumed it was a playoff like how MLG used to do it

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