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  1. snipedown choked. Why waste time going for shotty there? game is over if you get the ball away from them
  2. So who's left in the Pgl tourney? Will it be shown on the ugc channel, or their regular streams?
  3. Make VIP a slayer variant or 3 Plots over Ricochet. Ricochet stinks for competitive play. It would be fun just to fuck around, but you can throw from too far away. who remakes h2 without making Midship and beaver Creek? that's a really nice remake of Pit
  4. Yeah, from their first match. snakebite didnt die against Reality Check too
  5. The map itself is great, and always fun. Shitty knockoffs arent.
  6. it's fun, but in a social sort of way. It's too silly for a competitive tourney. Might as well add VIP
  7. I figure they would just do an H5 Invitational the weekend prior to H5 release.
  8. no, but I doubt they would do one with the h5 push coming. Season 2 is 4 months - April to july. H5 is in October. That's only 3 months from july.
  9. I'd rather another live event, and less online cups. since there's no season 3, it's going to suck to only have 3 live tourneys
  10. No one was running the commercials. 343 has answered our prayers
  11. Oracle looks like a Simplex clone. My problem with these maps is that visually they look incomplete. If anyone runs customs with these, send me a fr.
  12. I wish they brought back clan matches. Also shot %
  13. At worst they get 25k and they're playing for 35k.
  14. T2 is coming back in 2 days or so. The cups havent even started. They'll have time to practice.
  15. my favorite 2gre trash talk https://youtu.be/9VgUe5yB3rM?t=37m57s
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=612_qzVHRQg the customization looks cool

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