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  1. that's koth. and back in the day, games rarely ever hit 5 minutes to win, and no one complained. 200 seconds is just so short, especially with these teams There's nowhere else to go.
  2. Dont know why he didnt keep the flag top mid. Didnt make any sense to drop it
  3. fuck this. CLG should have cut that check for pistola I hope WFX or C9 wins it all now
  4. why is oddball still 200pts? That's only 3minutes and 20 seconds. At least make the score 250 to win
  5. Point? They haven't placed higher than that without him. My point was Contra isn't some online kid like Randa. He proved he can compete already
  6. Sucks the brackets were all screwy. I wish C9 and CLG could both get top 3. Honestly, this is true
  7. Arguably the worst clips in a montage ever, but the music and editing were awesome. anyone know the song? randa just beat RC for top 8.
  8. Just realized there's a lot of matches left. This series is only for top 8.
  9. Clg turned it on but without question shrine bomb was a choke
  10. Naded and ryan should join aries and arkanum
  11. Are scuf controllers bigger than normal?
  12. anyone have the stats on that last TS? i missed it
  13. 2gre gets a triple plus two more kills, and his teammates are nowhere near their base
  14. 2gre beasted that game. Cloud needs to get it together. Never seen him so lost before
  15. I think all of the maps, aside from the pit (which is only okay to me) stink.
  16. People voting for H3 High Ground over TS Hang em High And with people voting for Epitaph over Midship and Rat Race, I'll call it a night
  17. Literally the same arguments happened in H2. People constantly complained that the BR was easy to use, no one missed shots, and it was "who sees who first wins" battles.
  18. All they had to do was give us legit remasters of Beaver Creek and Midship. There is zero reason for those two maps not to have been made from day 1. And I'd rather KOTH on Ascension than either of the two new maps
  19. They're needs to be an incentive to talk during games. Maybe an communicator achievement, I don't know. I do know automatic callouts like in H5 arent the answer
  20. Is this double elimination? I wouldnt be surprised if there were upsets at ATL. The same maps and gametypes over and over will lead to parity. Cloud has 360 viewers, and UGc has over 1300

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