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  1. I dont care if ninja ever comes back, but would it hurt if he hosted the halo channel during a tourney? He never does.
  2. Can we make moses a mod already? The first post would be updated with everything at least
  3. Can anyone explain how columbus will work? I get top16 teams, 4x4 pools, but who is getting into worlds? Is it based on points after the event, or whoever gets top8 at the event?
  4. I realized im happier when i dont play this game. Idk why i started again
  5. Dan calm monster devon Gilkey demon d commonly nebula Cntra shooter fal randa??? Someone shjould pick up bxbyj, especially since he has a lot of points
  6. When lethul used to stream, he said he was getting 3.50 a sub, and bigger streamers like ninja were getting $4.
  7. It was microsoft 343 trying to make virgin gaming a thing. It was a disaster.
  8. Every sport interviews losers, it's just mostly in the post game. I dont see any issue asking a team on the floor what went wrong, and h ow they will fix it going into losers bracket.
  9. Is cratos still playing? At events, i would like to see interviews with losers too. They often have more interesting thinfs to say

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