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  1. This is a good point. My preference of the three is H2 but I know there would be a significant split. I personally thoroughly enjoyed the beta and can't wait to play the game again. One thing 343 need to is react to community feedback really quickly not like Bungie with the melee system in H3 which took months and bloom in HR which 343 took care of.
  2. So it appears that rifles are going to be more geared towards Warzone then. That is fine.
  3. I wonder if they will crowd source some of the prize pool via sales of weapon skins similar to that of DOtA 2? Could be interesting. Say 25% goes into the pool.
  4. As long as the maps are small to medium sized like the beta I think AR/Pistol will be fine. Faster kill time woulds be nice though. For the pistol to be a starter they really need to make the BR a weapon which you only have to use at medium to long range. If the BR is dominant up close the AR/Pistol will be dead within a week.
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