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  1. Getting kinda bored already tbh Need more and better maps. The gameplay loops on the current maps just feel kinda shit.
  2. I just realized the sniper isn't accurate when no scoping. This is why sniping feels so fucking shit tastic. You get de-scoped even with perfect aim and it's up to rng if you hit your shot. sad
  3. Lost rank points while winning once again...
  4. Just won a ranked game and lost points despite going +10 /shrug
  5. Biggest complaints for me thus far, MNK: 1. Grenade trajectory feels like dogshit compared to every other game I play. You have to aim *way* higher than naturally expected. A game like Apex makes nade throwing feel so completely natural by comparison. 2. CQC is consistent(contrary to what people are saying) but is also dogshit gameplay wise. 3 shot beatdown does not make sense in a game with sprint and melee lunges. 99% of cqc fights, the correct play is to just double melee and frankly that's boring and **usually** a trade. This problem with CQC is exaggerated by poor map design which creates too many cqc encounters. Which leads to my next point. 3. Maps are horrific. Like absolute dogshit quality. Streets is *probably* the best competitive map right now and it's soooooooooooooooooo bad. Visual clutter, tons of head glitch spots, very limited movement options on the sides of the map beyond go straight or go into mid which then has no LOS to anything, strong "set-up" locations(especially for odball for example)... just yikes. 4. Sniping. IDK what the fuck is wrong with it, but this is the only game I simply can't snipe in- every halo, valorant, apex, cs, CoD, sniping feels fine. I think the bloom and slow ROF are completely unnecessary with how sniping feels right now, especially with how strong the BR is at range. I don't think this problem is exclusive to me either, because I've yet to run into a single person who can snipe worth a single fuck and I'm D5. Also haven't seen anyone having success with it on streams. 5. Comp settings have a lot of issues. Round based oddball is so stupid, it punishes you *extremely* hard for ever allowing a set-up a single time, and also punishes you for executing the set-up by just restarting the game. It feels bad on both the losing and winning side. 2 rockets is bad. Flag should be changed to touch return, decrease recovery time or increase respawn times. 6. Audio is really bad to me, but this could be a set-up based thing. Do I need to get dolby headphone software or w.e the fuck? No idea. 7. Still hate sprint and equipment in general. Just feels unnecessary. You can also never know what equipment your opponent has, so you don't know how to play around it(does he have repulsor and I need to keep a little distance? Can he repulsor jump up to me? Can he block my shots with cover? Repulse my nades? Can he thrust closer to me? Can hethrust away and dodge a shot or nade? etc). Goes against one of the core principles of Halo, which is putting everyone on equal footing. Yes, technically these spawn on the map, but they are generally too frequent and plentiful to actually keep tabs on, and there is no visual indicator(to my knowledge at least) when someone has them, unlike OS, camo or having a certain weapon out. If you're dead set on having equipment, I'd rather it just be everyone has thruster. Prob some more I'm forgetting atm but I need some caffeine.
  6. I'm not having any of these aiming issues on m/kb, I'm assuming this is a controller only thing?
  7. makes me feel extra good when i put them in the trash can
  8. Trying to give the game a chance, so far it just feels off to me. It kinda feels like halo but at the same time it does not.
  9. Investing resources into a completely dead game that isn't going to bring people who left back to the scene... Y'all can call this a good faith gesture if you want, you can be happy that it might finally be playable 3-4 years after release- but this is just the newest dumb decision in the chain of colossal fuck-ups by 343.
  10. Champloo

    NBA Thread

    Magic looking like the worst team ever right now. holy shit.
  11. Champloo

    NBA Thread

    Magic looked completely outclassed tonight... Heat were just fucking around and shitting on us...
  12. Champloo

    NFL Thread

    https://twitter.com/AmazingSprtsPic/status/782757813907054596 What the fuck?!?!?!
  13. Champloo

    NFL Thread

    Cards and Panthers were the two best teams in the NFC last year, and they are both 1-3 The fuck is going on.
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