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  1. anyone play? i bought this over the weekend and couldn't stop!
  2. Genuinely curious as to what ever happened with the overall mlg forum community? I remember there being hundreds of posters and then after the forums got taken down and gb was the only place...did most come here because i dont see the activity it once was when it was on mlg forums.
  3. Here's the thing, you've got the freedom to not watch the media/news, you've got the freedom to be a lefty or a righty or neither. You've got the freedom to literally do whatever the hell you want to do...you wanna buy some land and isolate yourself, you pretty much can in Texas...of course that's gonna cost you a lot of money, but that's besides the point. As a society we're all caught up on social media and needing attention...the media just fuels the so-called need we have to know what's going on, that itch we get. Do I need to come on this forum to post? Nah...why do I? I guess I get small itch of entertainment out of forum discussion...but I really don't need to come on here and I can easily isolate myself to never come on here. Lots of places around the world do not have near the freedoms and liberties we have and we are not perfect by no means, yet a lot of people wanna come here day in and day out. I do think that majority of the world are not free-thinkers, they may be free as a people like we are in a way, but they arent "free" thinkers. The fact that I can pile as much trash as I want into my cans and put it on my curbside...but my English peeps are limited to two bags a week...I'm sure in a way that pisses them off...environmentalism aside.
  4. Non-Americans will never truly understand why Americans are so hung-up on being proud of their freedom. The mere fact that my sister-inlaw in England told me the other day that she's only allowed two bags of trash (the size of the bags determined by her local govt) per week, meanwhile, here in Merica, I can pile as much as I want into my cans and even put extra cans on the curb come trash day...i.e., I own three 33-gallon cans in addition to the 50-gallon one that I'm give by the local waste disposal company. English peeps don't get America. Yet, I bet if you asked what they thought of the Scots or Irish...they'd give you some interesting stories. At the end of the day, the world hates the United States of America because we are free-thinkers, but at the same time, they love us and want to be us, why else would our borders be crawling with illegals day in and day out.
  5. Everything I see coming from the market is nothing but PR stunts taking advantage of tragedies in hopes to win over more customers. I saw it during Columbine...where fat ass Moore went to K-mart and demanded they stop selling ammo...and they did...and what in the fuck did that do? Absolutely nothing. "Look everyone, I made a major corporation cave-in to my ideals...I'm doing humanity a favor!!" Nope. Walmart raising the age to buy ammo to 21...why? Soon we'll probably see Texas-based Academy cave-in and say...we're only selling AR's to 21 and up...why...because everyone else is doing and it's popular opinion. Popular opinion is what scares me because it only takes one thing to ignite a shit storm of ridiculousness. I've seen people calling on Bass Pro Shops to fall in line with Dicks...why? What's next...asking for us sane law abiding citizens to volunteer to give up our guns? People don't think first...they just act. Bad, bad move. Liberals are no different than religious nut-jobs. You get a mob to believe in something...it will spread like wildfire and the innocent law-abiding folks are the ones who are punished.
  6. Sturgill Simpson is my type of country. He even played goldeneye when was in the navy and sings about it.
  7. Racist triggered comment right there...assuming conservatives are country music listeners.
  8. no gun is a toy. But the type of gun does not matter. If it were a semi auto shotty, he could have easily rain down death upon those kids, especially if he had the ammo for it, you can shoot a semi auto shotgun very quick abd reload very quick...we gonna ban shottys now? When the jack ass shot up the movie theater in colorado...he mad his own damn bombs but luckily they hadn’t gone off yet. Bad people are bad people, tool of destruction does not matter. Banning the use of whatever flavor of the month weapon that used isnt solving anything. If it makes you feel artificially safee that Dicks doesn’t sell ARs anymore then more lower to ya. It hasnt changed anything other than make people wanna shop someplace else and maybe theyll get more libtards to come buy yoga clothes from them.
  9. Basically. Liberalism thinks banning one gun or all guns and the 2nd amendment will somehow deter and put an end to gun crime but in reality it wont. I see the twitter world all rejoicing and singing koombyyah together as if some major thing happened as a result of Dicks stopping their field and stream stores from selling ARs... This is all political PR bullshit that Dicks is trying to ride on. Guns aren’t the problem.
  10. Maybe Dicks needs to ban handgun sales. Final 2017 Totals City of Chicago Shot & Killed: 625 Shot & Wounded: 2936 Total Shot: 3561 Total Homicides: 679
  11. The tool of murder isnt solely an AR, Dicks stopping the sales of it isnt going to decrease murders and shootings. It’s all PR talk.
  12. Twitter dummies calling for bans of the AR 15 is some scary stuff. People have zero clue what freedom and liberty means.
  13. well not buying anything from Dicks sporting goods anymore. Cowards. Academy here in Texas just got an automatic sales increase. Dicks is stupid.
  14. I joined the NRA today, $40 well spent, thanks goes out to CNN.
  15. What does that have anything to do with it? I was talking specifically when the country was being formed, hence the reference to the constitution.
  16. What’s sad is the left and the msm are exploiting the tragedy, as they do all tragedies, to reinforce their agenda of disarming private citizens of America. My local news had a constitution historian on the other morning and im paraphrasing here but he basically said the right to bear arms is not a government mandated right, it’s a human right. The founders knew that we as humans have natural god given rights as soon as we come into existence. One of those natural rights is to defend one’s self as a well as their family, and the orignal point of having the right to bear arms was to protect yourself from anything, including the government should they try to take away your natural human rights. it was a great point he made that I never thought of it that way.
  17. #banfists #banfeet #banelbows #headbutts
  18. You're a fucking tool. You seriously think every country outside the US doesn't have mental issues? Get real dude. Step outside your liberal biased bubble.
  19. The gun is not the problem...Oprah...take your $500,000 and use it somewhere actually useful...like to the wounded warrior project. Tools of destruction take a person to actually use them, they don't act on their own. It requires a human's finger to initiate the action. Mental health is a serious issue in this country. The guns are the least of the problems. Taking away guns is only masking the real issue. It's applying band-aid.
  20. Buddy of mine the other day asked what’s new with Halo and I said I don’t really know anymore because I haven’t fired up the game in probably a year. I think personally i’ve moved on from Halo for good. After playing player unknown’s battlegrounds and seeing that there’s life on the other side of halo with gaming innovation and new ideas actually taking place that reinforce skill and tactics...I think Halo is a lost cause. Like Shadowrun’s failures, PUBG is actually being designed smartly and not making sacrifices to quality in the name of accessibility and $$$.
  21. No one questioned the shithole countries work ethics.
  22. Trump is right, shithole countries, but the left wants to take that one comment and twist it into whatever they choose they want you to believe. Even religious leaders are twisitng and using it for themselves to make them look righteous. America is not the world’s dumping grounds, and somehow that’s racist. We’re not the only democracy in the world, I think there’s plenty of room elsewhere besides here.
  23. im not usually a pop fan but when i watched the timberlake teaser video on mute...i thought wow this is really artsy and deep with the whole revanant style landscape and themes...well that all went garbage as soon as i rewatched it with sound.

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