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  1. COVID is a copout. Most major companies, whether it be the banks, oil and gas, tech, etc...have all easily transitioned into a remote work environment since March. Hell, tech companies have being doing it for decades...if not other major industries.
  2. What's up all! Been outta the scene for a long time...what's the most popular halo right now competitively? Please don't say Halo 3....
  3. im not usually a pop fan but when i watched the timberlake teaser video on mute...i thought wow this is really artsy and deep with the whole revanant style landscape and themes...well that all went garbage as soon as i rewatched it with sound.
  4. red dead 2 and sea of thieves. havent seen any fps that can dethrone pubg anytime soon.
  5. pubg all day err day. cant get enough of the game. pc version.
  6. agreed. xbox has a lot of catching up to do and tuning aiming, i swear it feels like playing an fps on console for the first time.
  7. If Halo wanted to take a lesson in scrapping the table and starting off with a skill based game to begin with, look no further than pubg. Probably me example that an fps can have mainstream success and still have skillful challenging gunplay.
  8. Really awesome to see MLG finally getting to design Halo (I assume that’s what’s happening, it’s how i interpreted it). Why did it take this many years....? It’s just insane reflect back on the original days of Halo MLG and how we as a community had been dissecting this game year after year after year. Congrats to all those involved.
  9. Halos original core concept is long gone in my opinion. Moving on is a great thing, but I dont think MSFT will ever allow Halo to go back to its core unless sales drastically go down. PUBG reminds me a lot of when I first played HCE, that feeling of a whole new game, it’s refreshing.
  10. Buddy of mine the other day asked what’s new with Halo and I said I don’t really know anymore because I haven’t fired up the game in probably a year. I think personally i’ve moved on from Halo for good. After playing player unknown’s battlegrounds and seeing that there’s life on the other side of halo with gaming innovation and new ideas actually taking place that reinforce skill and tactics...I think Halo is a lost cause. Like Shadowrun’s failures, PUBG is actually being designed smartly and not making sacrifices to quality in the name of accessibility and $$$.
  11. solos are probably the most intense experiences ive had in gaming.
  12. i enjoy this place, however the actual games discuis basically bon existant...i mean the most popular game on the planet seems like it doesnt exist if you were to try to discuss it here. i really missed the overal gen gaming discussions...just seems like it’s off topic and halo.
  13. I guess my point is...were the majority here just for Halo? I mean, there's life beyond Halo (no pun intended).
  14. Been pondering this for a while. After MLG forums shutdown...I believe everyone went to gamebattles but that place seemed fizzled. Then this site was created, mostly dedicated to Halo...and I believe still is...but there used to be a huge general gaming community of MLG and that seems to not exist anymore. For instance, the general gaming section of this forum is not very active. I rarely see any discussions on new and current popular games and it surprises me. Did everyone just retire from forum discussions or did they go someplace else?
  15. Genuinely curious as to what ever happened with the overall mlg forum community? I remember there being hundreds of posters and then after the forums got taken down and gb was the only place...did most come here because i dont see the activity it once was when it was on mlg forums.
  16. I've logged 206 hours into this game. Insane.
  17. I think it's just too much going on graphically. There's a very "unreal" feel to the game graphically...though I know both Quake and UT started out the same...it's just I always thought Quake had its own identity. The word I thought of immediately was clutter. I felt very cluttered in the game. What I noticed immediately was that it's very difficult to notice the items/weapons on the map...maybe it's just me, but I couldn't see a clear distinction of what each weapon was on the map, so majority of the time I was trying to figure out what the hell I picked up and where items spawned such as rockets and armor. I may give it another try once it's out of early access and is officially released. I'm also not into the whole champions thing. I think they should at least take the approach the PUBG does and offer both a champions and classic quake matchmaking experience. PUBG has third person (which has an audience) and first person...both sides are satisfied. It could very well be my own ignorance but I just didnt have that "feeling" I get when I play Quake Live. The game is probably good for what it's designed for but I just don't think I'll be spending much time with it unfortunately. Maybe feelings will change once it officially releases.
  18. Not going to lie. I bought the game...then within the first 30 minutes, uninstalled and refunded. Not sure I'm ever going to go back to this style of Quake.


    Surprised there's not a thread...but for all the Texans affected by this awful storm, check-in! I live out in Richmond, Texas. Saturday morning we woke up to water in our driveway about halfway. The worse was Saturday evening as the rain really starting coming down hard for two-hours straight. The water rose about 5 feet so quickly. Luckily it never reached our garage or inside our house. This morning the water just now started going back down the driveway, but my entire neighborhood is flooded. Only large trucks can make it through and boats. I'll post some pics later.
  20. anyone play? i bought this over the weekend and couldn't stop!
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