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  1. I don't see any vertical lift on the reticle. I saw some bloom within the snipe and what looked like a light machine gun with a red dot.
  2. That is very interesting. Thanks for the link!
  3. My bad, I have ZERO knowledge of anything latest/greatest on Halo outside of what I saw today during the games showcase, and the last Halo Infinite announcement from last year. I just make my thoughts on my observations. What's the latest? I don't keep up with this game any longer.
  4. What better platform to do it on than E3 though? Get the hype going. Instead, they're marketing toward the avg gamer, or non-Halo gamer. EDIT: I get what you're saying, no doubt that publishers and companies realize there is a huge draw for esports. If anything, they are probably hoping for a large draw on streamers picking this game up.
  5. A lot of us are older now and just don't give a fuck
  6. Good analogies. I guess I can play the role of the avg car driver, I hop into a vehicle just to get from point a to point b, comfortably and cool with AC. I couldn't care less about performance or anything related. I view vehicles as necessities to get around, period. I think it's neat though that people get to enjoy the higher performance ones as hobbies/interests, just not my thing. But hey, a least we have the freedom to enjoy what we want right? When it comes to games tho, generally the car enthusiasts and non-ones don't get the same luxuries. We have always been at the mercy of the developers when it comes to Halo games. There has always been this core design element that drives the game from the start. Halo CE - Pistol/AR Halo 2 - duel weapons - this dictated the entire core of the MP experience before they put out the BR patch that actually made the weapon useful Halo 3 - All AR 24/7, every other weapon was shit, and MLG BR was a joke, the BR was a random fuckfest that forced team-shotting....and if that's what determined Halo esports...well then congrats Halo Reach - Sprint. Bloom. Armor abilities. Halo 4 - Continuation of Reach but no bloom right? Halo 5 - The return of a decent pistol, still got sprint, still got armor abilities... Anyone see a pattern? The series was on a path of destruction since Halo 2. Since Halo 2, the esports community has always had to alter the fuck out of the game (if it allowed it) to get it to be on a decent challenging skill level. Unfortunately the Xbox suits don't really care much about the esports of Halo. They're probably looking at Fortnite's success as a cash cow and want to turn Halo into the same concept. I imagine there will be a super large map at first for Halo Infinite where a battle royale mode will be the main focus. Players can logon to create their own custom spartan character, there will be a store with cosmetic items to personalize your spartan; it will go the route of Fortnite's store. This will be the future of Halo. They want to expand this game to gain as many players as possible and open it up to people who have never experienced Halo before and in turn, they will try to create a hype around Halo that Fortnite was able to do. As much as I hate it, I am eager to see if their bets pay off.
  7. You make a great point about them making Halo titles that appeal to the masses. I had this feeling come across me today when I was watching the MSFT e3 pres this morning (something I have been traditionally watching since they started these, year after year), and it was just the feeling of boredom. I'm 41 now. I was 21 when Halo CE came out. I was 18/19 when I first played CS back in 1999. Goldeneye was my first console shooter on the N64, playing MP in the college dorms with friends was amazing times. Would I go back to that game? No way, we have made progress in console shooters and shooters in general. However, I will say that I haven't seen much progress with Gears/Halo/COD/BF in probably the last 10+ years. It's the same recycled garbage that appeals to the avg couch gamer who plays maybe a few hours per week. Because that person can only commit a few hours per week, they gotta make sure the game gives them a sense of satisfaction in their game sessions. Personally I moved on from a lot of the traditional shooters. I've got almost 3000 hours on Escape from Tarkov, a game that will probably never see the light of day on consoles (sadly), and after playing Tarkov, every other shooter feels like checkers. My only hope for this Halo is that they make a nice arena-style Halo with powerups, skillful shooting, and non-predicable gameplay. My older age is getting bored of the predictability of games, especially the AAA franchises, they're intentionally keeping them predictable in order to keep audiences engaged. Games do have to evolve, and I also have to evolve and have evolved.
  8. What up Halo scrubs! Been a long time!!! Thought Id poke my head in here to see how the reactions were to the mp trailer... @Cursed Lemon glad to see you're still around dude! Miss those old shadowrun days! In the words of Al Pacino in Heat, "Well, I am...over fucking whelmed." Also, I have a hunch they're trying to get some pull from the popularity of Fortnite, no doubt they wanna see id that concept will work in Halo as a business model.
  9. COVID is a copout. Most major companies, whether it be the banks, oil and gas, tech, etc...have all easily transitioned into a remote work environment since March. Hell, tech companies have being doing it for decades...if not other major industries.
  10. What's up all! Been outta the scene for a long time...what's the most popular halo right now competitively? Please don't say Halo 3....
  11. im not usually a pop fan but when i watched the timberlake teaser video on mute...i thought wow this is really artsy and deep with the whole revanant style landscape and themes...well that all went garbage as soon as i rewatched it with sound.
  12. red dead 2 and sea of thieves. havent seen any fps that can dethrone pubg anytime soon.
  13. pubg all day err day. cant get enough of the game. pc version.
  14. agreed. xbox has a lot of catching up to do and tuning aiming, i swear it feels like playing an fps on console for the first time.
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