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  1. Did anyone else see the Xbox Store box art leak that suggests it’s also going to be available on PC? Direct link; https://compass-ssl.xbox.com/assets/32/e6/32e64d98-fbc4-4b10-aeb3-6a82a4a0e393.jpg?n=X1S-Halo-5-MCC-Boxshot-500GB_Content-0_740x417.jpg
  2. Do you have any comprehension of how international tournaments work?
  3. Is the aiming different in Warzone? Like, it literally feels like I'm playing a different game.
  4. Not much of anything really as it turns out being old fucking sucks!
  5. I don't even think he'd look bad, he's got the right shaped head. Also, EU HYPE!
  6. Which is great except I and I'm sure many others don't really have anyone on their lists that play H5. More so, does that also mean that it won't be included in any playlists? They need to have some sort of universal standard of Oddball, even if 343 themselves make it using this custom ball tool. Then let the community make their own variants off that.
  7. Well it kinda is. In opposite land. The kindest thing I could say is that it turns every map in to Overgrowth.
  8. Solo que is making me want to die. Edit: And now I'm banned.
  9. What are we expecting this week? I've been somewhat out of the loop.
  10. On three separate occasions now I've spawned inside the vehicle spawn section in the Fortress. Worse than that, one of the times it started to spawn my entire team around me as it was the only 'safe zone' and none of them had the sense to suicide to get out.
  11. Fuck Pegasus. Fuck it in it's fucking ass.
  12. On behalf of the whole of the European Union, can I ask that this not happen.
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