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  1. If anyone wants to play CE, my GT is: Zandermannnn I’m pretty bad at this game now though so it might take me a while to get back into form.
  2. Shotgun is by far the worst gun to use for whatever reason.
  3. If I have a 1440p monitor will Xbox one x down scale 4K to 2k for mcc or does the Xbox one x output 1440p natively and just upscale to 4K?
  4. Is easy aiming for pistol/sniper still an issue? If so, you know if they are aware of it? I dunno if it’s big hit boxes or high mag or something completely different.
  5. So is there a noticeable improvement with CE? Is the sniper/pistol still easy to use?
  6. Were most of the big complaints related to hit detection for H2?
  7. Not having to patchwork an aging engine is a pretty big deal. Don’t have a problem with waiting so I don’t have to deal with halo 5.5.
  8. I mean it’s definitely not completely broken anymore and the flights have been actually been promising. Personally I’m looking forward to the patch and custom game browser. MCC fix is not intended to build the community, just to sustain what little there is left. I get people don’t want to wait but another mcc or even h4/5 quality game will kill the franchise. They need to knock this one out of the park and based on h5 they need a longer development cycle to even have a chance at that.
  9. Lame they didn’t show any gameplay but halo needed a new engine and direction for its campaign if it was going to sell Xbox’s. Honestly this is good news for me that it’s probably a late 2019 or 2020 game. Hopefully it means they take their time and make it good but mostly because they’re going to have to stay deticated to fixing mcc to keep the community going.
  10. I think they might mention Xbox One X enhancements but they don’t want to remind everyone it’s broken almost 4 years later.
  11. Does no hit reg to be updated in h1 mean they have something to improve it in the first patch? Sounds like they don’t. Will be interesting to see how much he general networking improvements help. Lockstop lan and a built in timer would be awesome. Not having to deal with OG Xbox’s and crts to lan would be clutch.
  12. We have and they do know what we want. Just gonna have to wait and see if 343 is able to pull it off.
  13. Yea no mention of CE is a little worrying. Here is hoping for next time.
  14. Sensitivities felt weird for me too. Was playing in 3 and it seemed too high. Wasn’t sure if it was just me not playing a lot of H3. Also thought the game looked better but couldn’t figure out why.
  15. Any opinion on if netcode/hit detection is better? Played a game last night but I don’t have a lot of experience in H3 to compare it against.
  16. Yea, they said we should have an update on flight #2 and an MCC progress update early this week. Really thought we would be playing a new build of pretty much the entire game as they became available. Process is a lot slower and more limited than I expected.
  17. I dunno how people manage to grind CE on MCC. It’s just too frustrating for me to play.
  18. Offline even? Now I’m pretty doubtful they’ll ever be able to get it anywhere close over Xbox Live.
  19. Yea, them not going into detail on bug fixes and netcode issues makes me nervous. I havnt played MCC CE over lan or local multiplayer. Are shooting mechanics identical to OG Xbox when played offline?
  20. What are the odds there is meaningful improvement to hit reg in this patch?
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