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  1. Cooper told my dad he was a terrible father for letting me play Halo. It's safer without him.
  2. Is it safe for me to be here?
  3. I have a job opportunity in the horizon that will prohibit me from competing. STL will probably be my last event unless that job doesn’t go through. I only backed out cause team opportunities weren’t great, but something opened up. I’m thinking future > short term here.
  4. Tons of people have a pass but no team. I’m sure you can easily find a squad for this, people are fiending.
  5. First series against them I played alright, but my damage wasn't developing into kills like it normally does. 2nd series they just played better than us as a team, but I was getting kills that series unlike the first. If you watched my side station series' you'd probably have a different opinion. sucks both of our mainstage matches were against Tox, which they just aren't an easy team to play against lmao
  6. Yeah pro players definitely have some blame, but there's also players who do really well within the space, but you're always judged off the bad eggs. Sucks about EUnited too because I hit them up and would really like to represent their brand, but I completely understand why they don't want to be in Halo. I understand why organizations don't want to be involved.
  7. We already have these tournaments planned for H5, I think MCC would be smart to revisit after this season, but it's hard to say. I think HCS should hit a total restart and have the first two years of Halo:Infinite planned and announced before the game even releases.
  8. That's exactly what it was. Most orgs take 10-15% and interest and viewership the first year of H5 great, really only LoL, CS, DotA, and CoD were outperforming it on average.
  9. Salaries probably need to drop back down to a reasonable price, or Halo players need to create their own team brands going into the next game. We're seriously thinking about the latter. Also, the longer things look better, the more appealing it will become again.
  10. I'll tell you right now this part hardly affect their decision making in a team. Team stability matters to some orgs, but overall they're competitive too and want the best team possible to bring trophies to the organization, it's a good selling point for them to investors/sponsorships. Orgs go for 3 things usually. Viewership, Quality of Tournaments, Quality of Game(s) If they enjoy the game they're in, they'll take the hit. If the tournaments are good there's potential in growth. Sponsors pay them for viewership numbers on tournament streams far more than they do individual players wearing their headphones on a twitch stream. Which was a huge issue because half of Halo 5 we weren't allowed to wear our SPONSORED headphones on stage, because ESL wouldn't allow us to wear anything but Astros. Now if a player built his own brand and had that following would that help? Sure, but it comes down to the actual HCS at a certain point. Look at so many games Halo still actually out performs, for the most part, that has good organizations in it still. Also it doesn't help salaries got inflated about 125% from H2A with the first worlds and put orgs in shit spots early on. For transparency, I went from 750 a month in H2A, to 1500 a month in H5, and that slowly climbed to about 2000 a month. Things went in the right direction, it was just too late for orgs cause they have the taste of shit down their throats.
  11. London is covered. Nobody wants to touch H5, it does them more harm than good to have a Halo team.
  12. I think the only reason it got brought up to be removed is cause of how bad the delay it causes on jump melees. I disconnected from Halo for a while so I honestly have no idea what's going for the most part, just getting caught up lol
  13. Biggest thing in my opinion is that she quoted ElDewrito’s community post, not Halo’s. Tinfoil hat is on.
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