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  1. https://www.forgehub.com/threads/forgehub-presents-4v4-evolved-tournament.158237/ Congrats on getting a tournament at Forgehub/Battlepro organised Is there any recent gameplay vids with the tournament maps/settings?
  2. I was more curious because of what i heard concerning it having less magnetism than the default magnum !
  3. Ah cool, ill give that a go sometime. Did you try the FPS cap thing too? : https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/5ha6si/how_to_remove_fps_cap_in_halo_5_forge/
  4. Is there something like an Evolved Discord ?
  5. As you can now put the Gunfighter Magnum as a primary or secondary weapon in custom games, what do you guys think about it replacing the default magnum and maybe making it a default 5sk because the ttk is already pretty fast?
  6. Nice surprise coming across an EU server of this randomly Thanks a lot
  7. I think a 4v4 tournament with cash prize is the perfect time to be trying out new settings ! IMO, the 'settings revolution' will become less and less relevant as time goes on... I find it kindof sad that just because 343 have set out rules for their big tournament, not many people are willing to try out different settings for example : Just Pistol Start Just BR Start No Radar Obviously Forward and Strafe Acceleration to 130% Strafe Speed to 110% Faster Recharge/Speed on Thruster etc When KillaKC was doing H3 ruleset (possibly H2 aswell), there was so much testing, input and involvement from the community... We need something like this again to create longetivity because the full potential of H5 is far from being discovered imo, maybe forge and more custom options will help resurge that !
  8. I wonder if with 200% strafe speed, you could actually Bunny Hop... Would be ridiculous for a Halo game but sounds fun . 130% forward/strafe acceleration feels really nice.
  9. The trick will be getting the magnetism and the auto aim right !
  10. 130% Forward Acceleration and 130% Strafe Acceleration feels really good ! Needs to be tested...
  11. I certainly understand that, its just a change that i got used too and probably even prefer it. I like the fact that you have to be a bit more careful with your nades and actually remember to pick them up at spawn points. Sometimes, you do feel like maybe 4 nades at spawn would have been useful to help regain control back but i feel the positives have outweighed the negatives.
  12. I I was about to rant about this H1 feels even better because its definitely harder to aim than before the patch, about equally between OG xbox and previous patch. On LAN, its feels amazing as well.
  13. Looking forward to seeing this in action, maybe alongside some "GoldPro" like ruleset, with extra powerups like a camo and/or an overshield on Lockout would completely dynamise the map imo I wonder what would be the best settings in terms of combining mouvement and aiming skills could be...
  14. It's often just to render less stuff on the screen, in order to maintain the framerate... Which is the console's fault for not being powerful enough
  15. Ghost and Neighbor played on Damnation in a LAN environnement vs Dersky and someone else (all 4 players were in the same house). I watched Neighbor's stream who wasn't hosting the game and it looked great, arguably better than OG Xbox off host on LAN
  16. Derelict 4v4 is a cluster fuck unless at least 3 out of the 4 people know how to force spawn teammates top and not get the team spawn trapped. Nice to see some 60 fps though
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