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  1. So if EG beat CLG today, both RNG and EG will be at 7 wins and 7 losses.. Who advances in this case?
  2. What are the Light Rifles kill statistics? 5 shot hip fire, 4 shot zoomed in? I haven't been able to test it much
  3. I made and Octagon map and an FFA Snipes game variant for those who like to warm up on that type of map. It's in my file share. Gamertag is " The King Siayer " The " L " in Slayer is an " i " EDIT Does anybody know how I can link my fileshare in here?
  4. Just curious. How do you make a game and have a 15GB patch... Why did the game go gold if it needed a 15GB patch.? At this rate I might get to play by the 14th.. I have 2 people in my house downloading the patch and our internet is like 5mbps (which is litterally the bets internet that we can get)
  5. I has game!! Taking so long.. Its been in for 20 mins and it says 1%
  6. Just curious. I think I saw that it is something like 50Gb or something crazy. Anyone who had early access can you please share how long it took. Cheers Only 8hr left for Australia. OMG
  7. Hi Guys and Gals Just curious about a few thing to do with MCC being on dedicated servers. First, I'm from Australia. Does this mean I will never play against American, Europeans etc.? Like, will I only ever get a Australian server? And is there a "Good Connection" search option? And what does this mean for customs games. Are they on a dedicated server as well? Any helps is appreciated. Cheers
  8. I've never played Halo 2 online (a few friendly LANs growing up) but as far as I hear, it was the best so I'll give it a go before playing Halo 3.
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