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  1. Criticize US interventionism and violent wars of aggression in the Middle East, they'll call you a leftist. Criticise social justice warrior culture, socialism and government-intervention in the free market, they'll call you a conservative. The struggles of being a voluntaryist. #abolishpolitics
  2. Media hypocrisy: Preaching for weeks on end about about man-made climate change and environmental destruction while simultaneously calling for war with Iran, which would likely cause permanent and irreparable damage to the environment. Google search: Agent Orange Vietnam War
  3. The only groups that are consistently and unapologetically anti-war and reject all forms of US interventionism are voluntaryists, anarchists (not the antifa *******), and principled libertarians. The left are only anti-war when it's convenient (where was the outrage when Obama invaded Libya? 🤔), and the right, well, they usually live up to the stereotype. 'Murica!
  4. And so it begins https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/07/politics/rockets-us-airbase-iraq/index.html
  5. If you agree that it is inherently wrong to initiate violence against peaceful people, that you own yourself and that all human interaction ought to be consensual, congratulations, you are an anarchist. Nope, despite the government's best efforts to convince the public otherwise, the word anarchy does NOT mean chaos or disorder. It simply means that you own yourself and that "no man has received from nature the right to rule his fellow men." Welcome to the team! Also
  6. Freedom and personal responsibility are inseparable. The more personal responsibility you are willing to undertake in life, the more freedom you will enjoy. The less personal responsibility you are willing to undertake, the less freedom you will enjoy. The reason human beings still do not live in any kind of free society is because humanity is not yet willing to embrace true freedom. The mere thought of it terrifies most people; just ask the average person whether or not he thinks drugs should be legalised, and gauge their reaction. See, it's much easier to delegate personal responsibility to politicians and governments, that way, there's always someone else to blame when things go wrong. The politicians and governments can decide how much money we can earn, what substances we can and can not ingest, and where we ought to travel, and with whom. The reason our freedom is continually being eroded is because personal responsibility is becoming an increasingly alien concept to an ever increasing number of human beings. There's always someone else to blame: The rich, the Tories, the socialists, the conservatives, the controlling boss at work, the nagging wife, whatever. Rarely is the individual at fault for his mistakes and mishaps, his poor life decisions and fuck-ups. Nah, it's always someone else's fault. Everyone is merely a victim of circumstance, powerless to create any real change in their lives and the world around them. Better to trust the government with our freedoms, they know what's best.
  7. CE seems much more balanced in social since they updated the rankings, anyone else agree?
  8. Is it five shots in Reach, I can't even remember. All I know is you can cross map fools in Reach.
  9. Wow, it's been years since I played Halo Reach, but playing it on MCC makes me realize just how much better it is than Halo 3. Halo 3, with its god awful BR, crappy hit reg and HORRIFICALLY BAD long-range battles makes me wonder how it was ever played at a professional level. I can actually four shot people long range with the DMR.
  10. 10k every day. 150 pull ups. 200 situps. Go full Goggins or go home.
  11. Can you beat my Lord Varys impression though? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1GOGZIf1mdj

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