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  1. It has always been like that, I'm pretty sure that's the aim acceleration. If I remember right H3's "aiming grid" is more diagnal so it makes it even harder for smooth aiming as well. It might also be slightly exaggerated due to the 60FPS. However I always found H3's aim even back in the 360 days hard to deal with at times much like H5's.
  2. Why wouldn't we get H3A? Seriously. It's a fact that it was the most successful Halo game, it hasn't been remastered yet and with M$'s new Windows program it would be the perfect time to also introduce H3 to the PC market since it hasn't been on PC yet. There's literally nothing for them to lose with H3A -- PC gamers will finally get to play it, the anniversary formula is a proven cash cow and it's of the most popular Halo game to boot. Last but not least all these remakes have always come out a year before the sequels -- well it would make sense for it to release this year as well. M$ would be stupid not to make H3A happen.
  3. Ever heard of Counter Strike? It proves that this is argument is bullshit. Have you also not seen the damage CoD has received from the unneeded evolution? Yeah, people don't like change unless it sucked from the beginning. Halo's population has nose dived since 3v4 took over. This argument is straight denialism.
  4. Was thinking about Project Cartographer, but they limit you to 60fps. Ever since upgrading monitors and playing competitive OW at 144hz, 60 fps is pretty unbearable, the difference is like going from 60fps to 30fps -- its jarring. Not to mention the community is too small to get invested in. As for Dewrito, I don't like a lot of the assets that are in it, it still has sprint, huge annoying hitmarkers, ugly 343 styled weapons and armor and it's so off putting in the H3 engine -- It's not H3 at all. Lets just hope they make H3 anniversary and bring it to PC with Microsofts new program.
  5. Although core gameplay is arguably the most important thing when it comes to Halo. I feel like art-style and atmosphere is a very underrated reason as to why Halo has lost its touch. Even if H5 had classic Halo formula, it would still feel wrong IMO. Halo had one of the best art-styles, sound design, music and overrall atmosphere and I deeply miss it along with true Halo formula.
  6. Or we could just not have any radar at all, kind of like how competitive Halo always had been.
  7. Is there much incentive to keep competing since the Championships? Like are the tournaments low end prize pools and small orgs, or does 343 and MS have more big ones coming? Genuinely curious.
  8. Remove radar, remove automatics and add user created maps, 343 maps suck.
  9. Just get rid of automatics and radar for fuck sake.
  10. Still 7 years ago when esports was just sprouting, it definitely says something.
  11. The difference is that comp Halo has been around for over a decade. Normal H3 tourneys had these numbers... 7 years ago.
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