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  1. Beyond is only one community, and while we're a strong force, there are MILLIONS of casual fans who do not understand our position. 

    The reason we're in this mess is because higher ups tried to appeal to the ''casuals''. It started slowly, with Halo 3, and picked up speed with Reach and H4. I wouldn't even care about Halo 5 being bad if MCC worked. But it seems more and more likely that it will never get fixed. 


    Side note: has anyone over at 343 explained why there is still only 1 ranked playlist?!?! Not that the current ranked playlist actually matches you up against similarly ranked opponents, but it would be nice to have a ranked Team Hardcore playlist.

  2. I just read on se7ensins that the Xbox One software development kit and documentation has been publicly leaked. Hopefully it will take a long time before the game ends up in the current state of H3 on the 360.

    I feel the modders/cheaters will be all over that like white on rice. If that's true, it won't be long. RIP MCC

  3. Who ever is host of the game can kick players and end the game



    Which baffles me, like how many millions did you guys spend on this game just to miss basic shit like that

    No this wasn't that. No one got booted. It ended the game as if the time ran out. Score board came up and it said tie game and everyone was still in there. I was playing with a party of 5 and no one got booted.

  4. Ok, this may just be another problem of the problem riddled MCC, but earlier I was playing a game on 'Shrine' and we were about to plant the first bomb. We were absolutely dominating the other team to this point. Right as we were about to finish the plant the game ends. There should have been 10 mins left still. After the game we get a message from someone on the other team talkin about how trash we were and what not (usual :salt: ). But it all just struck me as weird and very similar to the Halo 3 modders who could just end the game whenever they felt like it.


    Happen to anyone else? This would really suck if they've already figured out how to do that in MCC.

  5. Apparently it prevents you from watching if you have a capture card plugged in.

    WOW... lol 

    I haven't tried this solution yet but that makes so much sense but it's stupid AF. Like why not be able to detect the capture card and tell me I can't watch it while I have one hooked up? Fkn amateur hour over there at 343.

  6. Update:

    Today is the first time I've tried to watch Nightfall since I started this thread. My original issue has gone away. I no longer see 'Buy Halo', it says 'Play Now'. However, EVERY TIME I try to watch an episode it says "Up Next:" and the screen flashes and tries to restart the video about 3 times and then goes to a screen that says "The Halo Channel is Currently Unavailable". I've just about had it with this damn game, can't even watch Nightfall to pass the time.


    Any suggestions, fixes? I'm going crazy over here 

  7. Has anyone run into any issues when they try to watch Nightfall? Every time I attempt to watch it, instead of saying "Play Episode" it says "Buy Halo". I've tried uninstalling and re installing the Halo Channel app. I've tried to launch the Halo Channel app from my MCC menu. I've run out of things to try that I can think of.


    Anyone have a solution? 

  8. You'll get your 'new, better' maps in H5  :lol: 


    This is a rehash of an old game, we want rehashes of old maps. However, I don't think we'll get new or old maps.


    It's funny, most people I've talked to about MCC think Classic is better than H2a ( many even feel H3 is better ) but they are competing in Anniversary because of the ''dev support''. I don't get it. At all.

  9. Well like not watch the events ya know.


    I'm guessing it will be h2a. I'm just waiting for people too rage about it.

    Oh ya think? However, I like to support the halo scene in as many ways as possible. I'll struggle through a few streams if it helps the scene, doesn't mean I have to look forward to it.

    Also, I didn't ask for your ''guess'' of what the playlist will be.

    If they haven't released details on it yet, a simple 'no' would have sufficed. At this point I'm expecting it to be H2a, so I certainly won't rage about it.

  10. We should try to get a LAN going in Columbus over winter break! Also, this was recently announced: https://irongaming.tv/news_articles/6


    I'm a senior at OSU and I'm from Columbus, OH. Add me on XBL to wreck in MCC when it comes out


    GT: Lucky 7Evans

    Thanks for that link, first I've seen that. 


    I'll be adding everyone on this thread once I get my XB1 next week, lookin forward to gaming with more people from Ohio.

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  11. With all respect GrizzlyAtoms, I think you are mixing up exactly what 343i said that they would deliver with MCC.


    If you read the quote you provided, it says "Halo 2 Anniversary will contain the original Halo 2 multiplayer, exactly as it shipped 10 years ago." What this means is that MCC will have the original version of H2 on the disk, the same version that was released 10 years ago. Until we actually see some gameplay of H2C, I will take 343i at their word, and trust they are going to live up to this promise.


    The graphics toggle mode that you mentioned in your post refers to the ability to toggle between graphics engines in SINGLE Player, not in multiplayer. 343i never once mentioned a graphics toggle option in multiplayer.


    It has long been understood that H2C and H2A are going to be distinctly different entities. I can understand your confusion, but think about it this way. IF H2A was supposed to be a "clone" of H2C, then why doesn't H2A have all the maps that H2C does?


    As far as the topic of this thread, I doesn't surprise me that the ability to throw the oddball appears to have made it's way into H2A. H2A is essentially 343i's "modern" take on what H2C would have been.


    Having said that, I agree with most of the people in this thread who think that the ability to the throw the oddball in H4 was a terrible edition to Halo. Hopefully you won't be able to throw the oddball nearly as far in H2A as you could in H4. So far I think it's hard to tell from the videos how far the ball can be thrown. The ability to toggle this option would be nice, but the more things that have to be toggled off to make the game playable hurt it's competitive viability.


    Pretty misleading to talk about toggling graphics while showing multiplayer, don't ya think?

    Why would he say any of this stuff, in June, if they knew it would be nothing like this.

    And to be clear I wasn't expecting any of this stuff to be true, but I'm just trying to illustrate the point that 343 will say anything as long as they think it'll help sell copies. They knew that a lot of people would be watching e3 for halo stuff, and that a lot of the people who would be watching that day will not stay up to date on MCC info until they go out and buy the game. 


    So my point being in all of this, they were never going to make Halo 2 Anniversary as close as possible to the original H2 multiplayer, they just wanted people to think that. So if you were surprised that ball throwing is making an appearance, you're a sucker.

  12. I can't believe how many of you are shocked that they would put something like throwing the oddball into H2a  :lol:  


    I mean this is a company that comes out at E3 this year and says:


    " Now Halo 2's multiplayer was special for a lot of reasons, and we wanted to keep that en-tact. So Halo 2 anniversary will contain the original Halo 2 multiplayer, EXACTLY AS IT SHIPPED 10 YEARS AGO " 


    And we all know that statement hasn't been true for a long ass time. Sure we got Halo 2 Classic packaged into MCC ( which is awesome ) but I think it's safe to say they implied Halo 2 original gameplay with updated graphics and a graphics toggle mode.


    Edit: Actually after watching some video they actually mentioned the 'switch back to original graphics at a touch of a button' thing. 

  13. It is the best selling Call of Duty of all time, the most played and has retained the highest population since release. 


    Developers are finally beginning to understand that the choice between ranked and social is something the player makes, and if you take that choice away people lose interest or get upset. 


    This conversation is about how important ranks are, so speaking about a competing franchise is perfectly relevant.


    Most popular CoD of all time has ranks. Most popular PC game of all time has ranks, most popular Halo of all time has ranks. I base popularity on how well it retains playerbase, not on sales figures by the way, though obviously they matter.


    People want ranks.

    Oh I agree, people want ranks. 

    I'd just like to see where you're getting this from.

  14. you'll need to learn to claw regardless for h2 if your not getting a scuff or if there banned so people are going to have to go " you know what, i think im gonna start learning to claw today"

    which requires a TON of practice and skill to master... which is exactly the point im making here. a scuf allows you to bypass all that hard work and dedication and skip to straight to the mastery part.


    i dont need to claw to be decent at h2, i just won't be able to quad effectively

  15. dont scuffs just allow you to press abxy without taking you thumb off the right stick like claw does. if that is the case then i see no problem with them being allowed as people that cant afford them can just learn to claw and everyone's going to use them online anyway. 

    You act like you can just say, "you know what, I think I'm gonna start clawing today"

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