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  1. Most players these days place Damnation, Chill Out, and Prisoner in the top tier, at least for 2v2 Slayer, which is what most players who still LAN play. I agree that they're the best in the game, and if pressed to pick a favorite, I'd probably choose Dammy. The lines of sight good players can create on that map are insane, and the meta around controlling camo is super deep given how many places you can nade it down from (and can even have it land in different places depending on the situation as well). The other maps have issues that players may find annoying, and there's less general consensus among the community on exactly how good the remaining ones are. But even maps that are commonly disliked in the context of 2v2 slayer may work well in other modes. Rat Race is a good example, as it's rarely played 2v2 given how campy and slow it can be if the players are tryharding, but it's arguably the best 4s map in the game imo.
  2. I don't think Halo needs armor abilities to create interesting movement options or appeal to modern audiences. Movement "powerups" placed on the map could possibly be interesting, but they'd need to be carefully balanced to keep players from using them to easily escape encounters where they have a disadvantage. I'd rather just bring back good grenade jumping. Have partner jumps. Have ghost ledge stuff. Have spring jumps and short hops (probably make this one easier to execute though). Have weapons that can offer a better jump or give momentum to the player at some cost (damage to the user, charge up time, or w/e). And have the game intentionally incorporate these elements into the gameplay and map design while communicating the existence of these techniques to all players. Mechanics like these can give players a variety of options without interfering with the core gunplay.
  3. Smash proves you can have a successful competitive scene while changing/removing some of the core elements of the casual experience. Items in those games are at least as impactful as radar in Halo, and they've had no issue banning them. There probably is some boundary you cross into the game becoming too divergent (Reach v7 maybe), but that has more to do with the vanilla game sucking than the competitive community choosing bad settings.
  4. Randoms are only "integral to the gameplay" on 1 map in CE (Hang Em). Some players will complain about it (sometimes justifiably), but even then, I wouldn't say it influences the outcome all that often. Patch and Legend rarely drop matches on HH, and it's not because they're luckier than everyone else with the spawns. I also think the problem with H3 BR isn't that it creates an "RNG factor" in gunfights or whatever. For the most part, it doesn't. The issue with the spread is that it completely handicaps the weapon at range. If I'm at one mancannon on Narrows with a snipe and you're at the other cannon with just a BR, then you have no ability to engage. I am wielding a 2 ton flaming boulder while you have a pair of kindergarten safety scissors. Doesn't matter what our abilities are, you are completely ineffective in that scenario. This isn't true in H1. A good pistol can and will beat a poor sniper very often, even across long lines of sight. The game even functions just fine while spawning the snipe in every 30 seconds. Could you imagine 30sec sniper spawns in H3? What? How is the way H3 does it (generous correction of off-target aim) "right"?
  5. Sure, but two base/two tower aren't the only types of sym arenas. Citadel is there and it would at least give some variety. I'd say Cold Storage has a few other problems besides the H3 BR. The geometry is a massive downgrade in pretty much every room (what the hell is that mess going on in shotgun room?), H3's teleport mechanics are shit (no telefragging and you're locked into facing a single direction at the port destination regardless of how you enter it), and a general shift in mentality away from quick powerup timers yields campier play. It's also just a better doubles map than 4v4 imo. Potentially weird opinion, but I think the best H1 full asym (so not counting BC) for the 4v4 H2/H3/ReachV7 style play would be Rat Race, although it also would need working ports and good powerup timers. Too bad it never appeared again while other shit that obviously doesn't work sans pistol (looking at you, Hang 'Em) managed to get multiple remakes. Forever underrated
  6. Speaking of Amplified, why the heck are TWO forged two base-two tower maps in the game's tourney lineup after Midship was put into the game? Makes no damn sense.
  7. Does H3 not have garbage movement and terrible spawns? Funny, I seem to remember a sluggish game with enough inertia on direction changes to render strafes meaningless. MLG had to change the base movement speed of the game as a bandaid fix for how fucking slow it is. The spawn system's weighting gives dying players unearned flanks on the team in control and again had to be bandaged over in MLG settings with sided, CTF-style spawns even in Team Slayer. The spawn meta on most of the maps is boring and generally outside of player control, offering few interesting choices for making/breaking traps. 90% perfect ...
  8. Unable to find a game in CE and think to myself "well, maybe h2 isn't as bad as I remember," and then I get fuckin Backwash. In 2020. Why
  9. Nice Blood Gulch match going on in Ogre 2's stream now.
  10. Worked just fine in H1 with all competitive players using talking timers. And coaches nowadays keep up with them at tourneys anyway. What's the difference between those and the on-screen stuff for H5?
  11. I don't know that they should be "nerfed" per se, but they should be harder to use effectively. Bring back momentum based damage and make it so 2hks only happen when moving forward full speed or jumping. Also dramatic reduction in hitbox size so that you actually have to be aiming at your opponent to land a melee (this would also ideally create other close quarter options, like ducking an opponent's melee). I'm fine with them killing in 2 hits, but it needs to be harder and the system needs more depth.
  12. Weird that melees came up, cause I don't know if they're a notable element from any classic arena shooter. I think they should be less powerful fwiw, especially if they continue being so easy to land. Also I'd love it if momentum-based damage modifiers and the ability to crouch and jump out of a melee were brought back to lend some much needed depth to the system. I've always thought of the "niche" weapons as an element Halo really failed to make much use of. Through all 5 games, I'd say the that the H1 plasma rifle is the only interesting weapon that isn't a 1-hit kill power weapon or a utility weapon. One that could control space would definitely be pretty cool.
  13. In H1 the way they worked is you would get a random if the game couldn't find an unblocked spawn in the general vicinity of your teammate. You'd also get randoms if you were all down, or at least the first person to spawn in would get one. Anyways, I think player location based spawns are definitely the way to go, as the potential meta around that kind of system (see: H1) is far deeper than death location based spawns (see: every other Halo game).
  14. Probably Guardian and Pit slayer, due to their campy and standoffish gameplay. There were plenty of times where no team would get to 50 kills, which is just ridiculous.
  15. A better analogy would be a good tennis racket or set of golf clubs or whatever. Those could be considered "barriers" to competing in those respective sports. Hell, good headphones have been used by top players in FPS games for a while now. Should we be banning Astros?
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