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  1. Yo Kev I'll hit you up when I get an xbox one. Unfortunately I've fallen on hard times and can't afford one atm
  2. I really really don't want to see someone remake the Pit and have to play it for another few years. The map was never as good as people said and TS on that map is cancer. For the love of god please can we not have the Pit this time.
  3. Probably not going to happen unless people step their game up. Which I am not prepared to do yet.
  4. Yeah if I owned an xbox I would sign up haha.
  5. are you planning on getting the MCC? If you are just get a cheap one for now because you'll be able to record your gameplay on xbone and stream it on twitch, which can upload it to youtube
  6. H5 is going to sell enough copies that it doesn't matter if the game is good or not, they'll still probably have a great launch. The question is do they want to make H5 a worthwhile title for people to keep playing it after the initial wave of playing the next AAA title. If they make it a good game that's awesome, but if they don't it's still successful when you're looking at sheer profits.
  7. I feel like if there's going to be a revival of halo it'll be from events hosted by UGC, and smaller online events. It'll have to be more of a grassroots thing as the MLG experience won't happen unless 343 funds league play.
  8. Dude, why do you have to be like that man. Can't this forum be competitive and have lore discussions without people being dicks?
  9. Now does anyone have the capabilities to stream some of the LAN? I know I would watch for sure. @@Droid , I know you have streaming equipment, maybe I could convince you to bring it with you for some gameplay.
  10. But don't you connect using xbl/ microsoft servers? I think the issue is that there is no option to link up via anything on xbl. Obviously that sounds like something that can be resolved easily but I think that's what the issue is right now.
  11. Oh shit, it'll just be SMG starts. Fuck that man
  12. I can imagine dedicated servers being on the online playlists only but I feel like we need dedicated servers for custom games in order for the tournament scene to flourish.
  13. I'm sure we'll just play multi-team like the old days so it won't matter man haha.
  14. I already notice a difference, you guys work fast.
  15. Yeah I just meant like a general team hardcore or something like that.
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